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Advanced Blender Minecraft Character rig

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jacky975's Avatar jacky975
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Hey Everyone, I've made a Minecraft rig for blender. I made this rig because one day that I am making animation and I tried to use the rig from Rymdnisse, BPS... But I still think those rigs are not good enough, so I decided to make a better one base on those good rigs! 😃

If you want to download, please found the link on below video's description

Don't tell me down the comment if you noticed any bug, tell me through email/skype:jacky12@happydaysof.us or even send a private message to me!

Known video bug:
00:08 Eye corner is changing color continuously(This isn't rig problem but some animating mistake)
Know rig bug:
00:16 Appears black box when rotating torso(fixed)
Pupil/Normal eyes
Equipment controller
IK Leg

Feature going to add:
Fancy Feet
Torso rotation for upper body
Male/Female mode
Equipment selection tab
Better body flip
Curvy body
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Progress100% complete

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