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Advanced Hostile Chambers

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Alddoras avatar Alddoras
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
Hey guys! So this is my very first map that I have published to Planet Minecraft! This is a CTM map (complete the monument) in which the goal is to collect all of the 15 wools (not including white) and place them on the monument. There are 14 levels throughout the map that range from castles to libraries and forests to caves. Their are four intersections in the map that sort of serve as checkpoints to mark your progress as your journey progresses. Be careful though! mobs lurk around every corner and will swiftly defeat you if you are unprepared. I estimate that a first time play through will take at the least 10 hours. Be on the lookout for hidden loot and areas, they are scattered all over the map. Please give criticism and feedback as it helps improve this map and future ones too. Quick message to anyone recording the map: please give credit. Thanks!

Version of Minecraft:
- 1.11.2

Recommended Settings:
- Mob Griefing False
- Fire Spread False
- Keep Inventory False
CreditAlddoras (XwingLazer), CheezeTaco, mbananna, prettypeachs
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

Update #1.3 (Major Rebalancing & Bug Fixes) : 04/23/2019 11:35:21 pmApr 23rd, 2019

- Rule changes
- Fixed an issue with respawning in the map
- Minor aesthetic changes throughout the map
The Armory
- Added a path to The Armory
- Removed endermite spawners in the hidden area
- Added a trapdoor and ladders to the secret area
- Added additional lighting to the secret area
- Turned two lights permanently on in The Armory
Glowing Caves
- Added additional items to the starting chest
- Added additional lighting
- Flattened the floor for convenience
- Moved hidden chest behind the starting board above ground
- Added a torch kit
Underground River
- Added iron bars in front of the entrance to prevent mobs from spilling out
- Added lily pads to the farm chest
- Removed all guardian spawners
Enchanted Library
- Added a ladder to the library
- Removed one cave spider spawner
- Added additional lighting
Intersection 1
- Changed the merchant's trades
Abyssal Caverns
- Replaced 3:00 minute water breathing potions with 8:00 minute ones
Hanging Forest
- Removed guardian spawners
- Added Swamp Waders
- Added additional lighting
Desert Tombs
- Added ladders to the ledges in the large tomb
The Monument
- Added two name tags to the chests
- Added additional lighting
- Adjusted monument trader's trades
Dwarven Mines
- Added additional lighting
- Added additional platforms
The Citadel
- Added dragon crystals near far spawners
- Added additional doors inside the citadel
Fractured Islands
- Improved overall loot
- Added a new legendary item to the level
Magma Refinery
- Added a gold merchant in the level

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07/27/2018 5:51 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Engineer
ThunderKiwi8 avatar
Top Notch looking, lookin foward to jumpin into this with my friends
07/27/2018 9:39 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Architect
Alddoras avatar
Thanks! Let me know how the play through goes! Any feedback or criticism will be appreciated. Also Not sure when you downloaded it, but there was an issue with spawning in the world that I fixed so unless you downloaded today in which it should be fine. Have fun on your play through!
07/21/2018 9:30 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
SneezeBurrito avatar
Thank You Kanye, Very Cool!
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