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Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson (AVATAR)

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avatar Paul99
Level 15 : Journeyman Crafter
James Cameron's 2009 AVATAR is my most favrate movie of all time, I'm a real fanboy of it, so expact more Avatar stuff.And although I rather betray the RDA and side with the Na'vi, I gotta admit that the RDA SecOps do have some epic war machinery, which I realy like. So this is my first Avatar submission. This is the Aerospatiale SA-2 Samson, The RDA's utility 'skytruck'
This was realy hard to make, not so much the ship it'seelf, but the canopy. And, so I've had enough of fumbling with this, I did the best I could on the canopy, and managed to make the doors open simetricly like in the original film. or 'real one', since they did have non-flying props of this on the movie set (you can go see the props on WETA's page) My minecraft model features working missle pods and lights, it also has a survival pack in the back and 4 seats in the canopy+7 in the cargo area. Which is as much as the original has. I did everything I could to make it as close to the real design as minecraft blocks and phisics let me. If you have any suggestions or feedback I realy apprecheate it and would like to know how I could possibly make it better (if it's possible)

whenever I'll think of something and it'll work, I'll update this.

I've addad a landing leg to it that is activated on the right side, even though the original Samson doesn't have that, it is my bellef that every zeppelin mod comatible ship must have a landing gear, in case you land on something that can be pulled with the ship during takeoff, however on blocks like grassblock, dirt, bedrock, netherreck, sand or gravel you don't need it. I made the gear so it's impossible to see when in closed position.

Feel free to use and redistribute this, just give me credit/say that I'm the original author and have fun!
Progress100% complete

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