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darkace6141 avatar darkace6141
Level 30 : Artisan Engineer
~ Antarias ~

A kingdom where once man and angel lived together.

- May The Beacon Show The Path -

Especially for: SkyLimit Planet-Minecraft Contest!

- Steve's Outlook -

After hitting the jackpot, Steve decided to take a more adventurous route in his life - with the money he bought an airship. With this airship he would travel the distant seas and skies in search of an adventure! Then, on the 5th Moon: Shadow Season the sun slowly appeared, Steve could see a large silhouette in the distance... It was a gigantic floating island! Steve approached the island with upmost caution - however he was amazed by the over towering statues looking down on him from such heights. He continued down the river and saw a palace, glimmering in the suns light. A voice could be heard, Steve could hear the voice of the GreyBeard. Steve had many questions to ask and was granted to dock his ship in the royal palace docks. This moment will change Steve's life and outlook. It was Steve's dream, not only a paradise island - but the discovery of a new creature... the angels!

- Greybeard's Anecdote -

There hasn't been a person for a decade whom has past these islands - stranger to them. There once was darkness, that rose up and enshrouded the sky lands. Aclahayr, the Dark Bringer - summoned an army of spirits, however the angels appeared. When the darkness eventually reached Antarias the angels protected us, preventing the evils of The DarkBringer from infecting the City. Now they stand as statues waiting, watching, dormant until the time that the DarkBringer rises again, and the city is once more in need of their protection. Man and son, in remembrance, created two statues to show we stand together and that the darkness will never over come us - Humans.

The Light Will Guide the Way - The Beacon Will Show the Path

General Information

The Project was started on the 8th August 2012 and was finished (building) by 20th August 2012

Filming was started on 21st August 2012 and was finished by 22nd August 2012

This build was inspired by a string of images and trying to use a new palette that I've never used before! Hopefully my team and I were successful delivering in the ''new palette'' category. My team and I have also moved around the islands and edited them - the main island has most definitely been ''expanded''. If the build allowance was higher I would have terraformed a under ''base'' however there wasn't enough room to do the build as much justice I would have like to of. On the other hand by doing this its given me more leeway to use the space I've made and to work with the environment. The template I feel given wasn't good enough to work with so I went with initiative and expanded the island ^.^ My team and I have worked very long hours to complete this build - it was hard and enjoyable. It was done with the mind set that, ''we are doing this because we enjoy playing and building on mine craft creative'' rather than the mind set to win - which would be nice but was not our goal. Overall I really enjoyed It and I will allow my team mates to post comments on how they felt building with me and on this project :D

Not all the build has the detail I would like it to, for instance small details like terraforming isn't perfect and that the size of the ''Middle Class' Area isn't in realistic proportion to the slums, however in comparison to the time limit I'm happy with what we've accomplished - If my team agree we will be improving upon this build and make it even more stunning and impressive - try to get the scales right and finish all the little details off we've missed. Antarias was built by angels and humans, for which reason the build has some complex and amazing parts :) Are you crazy, do you really think humans could build like that? At that scale!?

There are ships and islands surrounding the city. Many of the ships are trade ships, travelling from other ancient and modern floating city islands. A lot of the build was thinking of new, complex but not over detailed details. Especially, as the build has many walls to cover.

If you download this please do ignore many of the hidden easter eggs. Many will be only BRIT audience Easter eggs I'm afraid but you may get the references :)

I can only say its been a pleasure making this, thanks to my team whom have helped me and hopefully enjoyed helping me too. Its my first big project apart from being involved with an adventure map and hopefully not my last!

Please do not use this on a public server without my content and permission.

Leave My Team And I A Diamond or A Favourite If You Liked Our Project!

- Many Thanks -

- Tools -

World Edit & Voxel Sniper

MCEdit To Move the Spawn

- TexturePack -

Doku Texture Pack

(Preferably Doku Dark)

- Credits -

Team Leader and Builder : Darkace6141

Head Organics: GeorgewithaG

Structural: Mlan94

Terraforming: Apeachtree

Ships: Dflan

Video: CommunityMC

Anyone else I haven't mentioned - A big thanks from Me :)

Thank you To Irapp for hosting and Moral Support

Best Survival Server


Best Creative Server


Again Many Thanks And Hope You Liked the Build - Darkace and Team!
Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by darkace6141 11/01/2012 4:08:45 pmNov 1st, 2012

New Cinematic my Mithrintia showcasing this build more appropriately and professionally than the last video, thank you to _Toby_ for making this video - all credit for the video goes to him. Thank you to iRapp for allowing me to build this on his server - a great owner.

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12/02/2013 1:14 am
Level 1 : New Miner
thebigtreeunion avatar
Can I use the slums as a part of a human trafficking awareness video?
06/17/2013 9:42 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Toast
RobustPear_ avatar
ace of darkness this is glorious.
12/11/2012 7:29 am
Level 42 : Master Spider Rider
SamoaSpider avatar
12/07/2012 7:29 am
Level 35 : Artisan Architect
Eytrax avatar
Wow, Iove it :D Especially the statues
11/17/2012 8:12 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Cake
afrony avatar
great job man *takes a diamond from pocket and hands it to you* take you deserve it.p.s wat minecraft game version is this map
11/18/2012 5:56 am
Level 30 : Artisan Engineer
darkace6141 avatar
thankyou! I think when we built it in 1.3 - ill double check and update it for you
11/18/2012 8:24 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Cake
afrony avatar
k thx
11/14/2012 4:21 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
Potatostickman200 avatar
would it be okay if i made an adventure map with his? i would link this in the description and stuff and donations would go to you?
11/15/2012 2:39 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Engineer
darkace6141 avatar
you may of course! Hope it goes well :)
11/17/2012 10:42 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
Potatostickman200 avatar
Seriously! dude thanks! when im done ill link it :D
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