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Anvils Fall II ~ [ { Let The Randomness Begin } ] ~


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Level 21 : Expert Toast
Anvils Fall 2
(For Minecraft 1.11.0+)

If you are searching for randomness and never ending fun, you've come to the right place! Anvils Fall 2 is the second version of my previous anvils fall map that i created a couple of years ago. But what is the difference from the other map you may ask. This version is based more on the millions of combinations of random occurances and effects that happen every monster wave that will either help you or make your battle a little bit harder.

The goal of the game is to survive as many waves as you can. Every wave a positive and a negative occurance happens (such as superhuman strenght but faster zombies) and random types of zombies spawn (such as the llama rider zombie).
There is also an ingame shop that will provide you with usefull items and armor in exchange for some xp you gain in battle

I have spent a lot of hours on this map and i am very proud of it
I Really Hope You Like It As Well

Have Fun And Enjoy!

{First Game: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/-anvils-fall-/}

*If you have any suggestions on how i can improve this game or what i can change, you can freely live a comment or send me a private message and you ideas may get featured in the game in the near future*

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