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Bedrock Edition
Diaub avatar Diaub
Level 25 : Expert Pirate
Where the ocean’s surface is too far to reach- and the sea floor is absent- a challenge is presented. There are limited resources and nothing but water as far as the eye can see. AquaBlock tests your ability to survive beneath the deep. If you thought SkyBlock was difficult, try doing it while holding your breath.


The environment is unforgiving. There are only three small, submerged islands. There’s no Nether, no bedrock layer, the surface is too far to reach and, most importantly, there’s no air. But the rules are simple…

  1. Play on easy, normal or hard difficulty.
  2. Do not use cheats.
  3. Do not leave the ocean biome.

The goal of AquaBlock is to complete a list of challenges. The challenges not only provide objective, but also guidance for survival. The list is divided into categories of increasing difficulty. It is easiest to complete the categories in order, but the player can take any path they choose or ignore the challenges all together.

  1. Make an air pocket.
  2. Make a cobblestone generator.
  3. Craft a furnace and crafting table.
  4. Dry the wet sponge.
  5. Visit the other two islands without drowning.

  1. Make an underwater house.
  2. Craft 16 torches.
  3. Collect 16 golden ingots.
  4. Grow 10 sugar cane, 5 red & brown mushrooms, 20 cacti, and 10 sea pickles.
  5. Grow 5 melon blocks and 10 pumpkins.

  1. Build a mob farm.
  2. Grow a tree.
  3. Collect 8 apples.
  4. Craft a bed.
  5. Collect 10 seagrass and 5 carved pumpkins.

Very Hard
  1. Get a witch to throw a weakness potion at a zombie villager and then feed the zombie villager a golden apple to cure it.
  2. Collect 20 emeralds.
  3. Tame a cat.
  4. Make an iron farm.

Bonus Challenges:

B1. Purchase beet root seeds from a wandering trader and grow 10 beet root.

B2. Purchase all 6 sapling types from wandering traders.

The list of rules and challenges can also be found in a written book inside world.

About AquaBlock:

The intention of AquaBlock was to create an experience which mirrored SkyBlock v2.1. There are plenty of recreations of SkyBlock, but they all offer the same obstacles. AquaBlock presents a new obstacle: water. Where SkyBlock challenged players to live in the sky, AquaBlock challenges players to live beneath the ocean. And the only thing scarier than having limited water, is having too much of it.

The design of the map makes you feel cramped. Unlike normal survival mode, you can’t just walk outside whenever you want to. Going out into the wild requires holding your breath and swimming makes you starve very quickly. You’ll find yourself burrowing into the dirt for air rather than building on top of it.

The challenges are designed to be extremely difficult. They require the player to cure a zombie villager without Nether access. Instructions on how to do so can be found in the list of challenges, but I presume that most players will only be able to complete first 15 challenges on the list. If anyone can complete all the challenges, they are a master of problem solving. And I assure you, all the challenges are possible.

Platform Information:

This map was originally created for Bedrock Edition. A Java Edition port is also available to download, but the intended platform is Bedrock.
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