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Artomix - The Floating Haven - Fantasy Floating Islands

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Hegemony avatar Hegemony
Level 38 : Artisan Architect

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Artomix is a labour of love and I have been working on it on and off for the past year and a half. The reason why progress has been so slow is that every block regardless of how insignificant it may seem is debated over and considered over and over again until I am satisfied that it is 100% perfect. I consider this build to be the culmination of all my build skills and essence. I encourage all that are getting into building to study every detail and consider why I put for example this pile of pumpkin in that specific location or that cobblestone wall to curve that way instead of another.


I built Artomix in a server that is rife with corruption and without regard of their playerbase and used it as my town, I met many interesting people running my town (The chests you see were chest shops). When I decided to quit, I took Artomix with me and deleted her on that server. The name Artomix comes from my favourite 1.6.4 seed - Artomix which spawned the player in an extreme hills, jungle Desert Island. With new world generation algorithms have changed and Artomix no longer spawn, I decided to reincarnate Artomix in the skies where she is an unknown haven, and to live on eternally.


So far most of the houses have been complete, the town centre area is relatively complete but not polished.
There is still much to do:

- Church Finish (The Noteblocks have been tuned to here comes the Bride)
- Town Centre Polish
- Lake Terraform
- Blacksmith
- Bridges Linking all the Islands
- Assassin’s Guild
- Market Stalls
- Two Barren Islands


This is one of the many builds that will be released by Hegemony - Hegemony is a server being developed that is set in a world that is parallel to the tumultuous 16th - 17th century period of continental Europe. We aim to deliver content of the highest quality and only to use custom plugins created by our inhouse development team. Hegemony is a
unique server that encompasses but is not limited to the following features: Adventure, Economy, PvP, Factions, Building and Roleplay.

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Suggested Texture Pack: Conquest
Progress40% complete

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Update #5 : by Hegemony 08/05/2016 8:09:26 pmAug 5th, 2016

Just did the hidden redstone circuits that reveals a hidden entrance (somewhere :D) to the Assasins guild, then ill be hollowing out the inside and doing the interior of the guild, rough completion time 1-2 months (busy with other projects too).

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