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Automated Storage Building


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Level 24 : Expert Architect
This is my personal treasure (literally and figuratively). This is my automatic storage building. As you can see in pic 3, there is a storage cart on a track. As stated previously, i use minecart mania plugin. link to it's on my profile. This building uses those mechanics as well. This is the deposit items portion of the plugin mostly.

On a daily basis i use this and it's very convenient. Simply drop your items in the cart, press the button and the cart goes off and drops the items in the assigned dbl chest. I use a subtraction method for my sorting. First goes large quantity stuff such as dirt, cobble, sand, glass, gravel, then it gets specialized later on like minecart, spawn drops, etc. There's a general chest for stuff left over.

Anyway, as the chests on the main auto-sorting floor fill up, i move the items to the second floor (pic 6). as a fun added feature, there's piston stairs to prevent some griefing and mobs from making it to the doors.

I got a few really cool big projects on the way that are purely for show. I'm simply adding my old projects that i already have made since i just joined planetmc. I bought this game when it was still alpha so i got quite some experience. Just was on a server that kept crashing so i switched to this one that you see in all my current projects.

o enjoy, Baabaadoo
on Lanstaf's Server
Progress: 100% Complete

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