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Level 27 : Expert Architect
In celebration of the 1.6 horse update - I built a barn/stable to house my new friends. I decided to stay with a western type build style and keep the structure simple, functional, and visually appealing. Obviously there aren't a ton of decorations/furnishings in this build... it's a barn. The stalls on the lower level have farmland floors (maintained by hidden water under walls/stall sides), suspended hay, and double gates to allow easy entrance and exit. The second floor stalls are outfitted in the same manner, but have brown carpet flooring as the farmland wan't really an easy option. The three block wide staircases allow for easy horse movement, and stall changes.
This build was done on the DyreCraft Minecraft server.
Progress100% complete

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05/28/2018 11:40 am
Level 1 : New Miner
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download? i love this