Base Under A Village ! (UPDATE)

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avatar connectedwith5G
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
My first map ever. I am eagerly waiting for your responses.

to enter the base, just swim down the village well.

update- I added a new area for practicing your shooting skills

Contents of the base-

  • has a room for trading
  • has an enchantment room, portals room, pool, farm.
  • has more chests for storage under the rows of water
  • has a weapon testing room
  • has a small satisfactory mob grinder
  • garbage chutes
  • completely illuminated with glowstone
  • it also has a food provider if you are low on food
  • you can also give yourself some XP by killing the mobs from the weapon tester and also by cooking

thank you for playing my map :)

edit- I made some small updates to my base to make it look cleaner. and I also added some minor tweaks to it...just to remove those little glitches and bugs
and also idk why I am not able to upload the map I am giving the link to the download instead

Progress100% complete
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