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Battleship - the game!

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Level 9 : Apprentice Engineer
This is my first big project! It is a working remake of the classic game, Battleship. In the linked zip, there is a READ ME file (which is not a bad idea to read if you plan on playing), a world folder containing the game, and a custom texture pack that I recommend using during play.

Video of our gameplay using released Battleship build



: : BATTLESHIP : : For Minecraft v1.2.x

Created by grundleswab & tdog158

Thank you for downloading our reimagining of the 1967 hit board game, Battleship! We hope you enjoy it as much as we have. Feel free to make any changes or improvements, and post any videos you have of our baby on Youtube.

Warning: This game makes use of dispensers and TNT. You may use note blocks in lieu of TNT as you can hear them being activated, but the water will need to be removed. You in-game sound will need to be at a high enough volume to allow each player to hear TNT detonate/note blocks playing. You might also need to increase your in-game brightness level.


RULES (adapted from the Wikipedia page for Battleship)

  • Pick a side (red or blue, as indicated by the less-than-prominent wool line on the ceiling).
  • Before play begins, each player arranges a number of ships secretly on [their own grid] using TNT. Place TNT inside the holes in the water.
  • Each ship occupies a number of consecutive squares on the grid, arranged either horizontally or vertically.
  • The number of squares for each ship is determined by the type of the ship.
  • The ships cannot overlap (i.e., only one ship can occupy any given square in the grid).
  • The types and numbers of ships allowed are the same for each player. These may vary depending on the rules.

There are two typical complements of ships, as given in the Milton Bradley version of the rules:

Type of ship Length in TNT
aircraft carrier 5
battleship 4
submarine 3
destroyer 3
patrol boat 2

After the ships have been positioned, the game proceeds in a series of rounds.
  • In each round, each player's turn consists of targeting the square in the opponent's grid by activating its corresponding pair of switches.

IMPORTANT: Turn your switches back to the off position before your next turn.

When facing the door in your control room:
The X-axis switch board controls are behind you.
The Y-axis switch board controls are to your left.
  • If a ship occupies the square, TNT will be ignited. Light will appear in the square if a player misses.
  • The player's opponent announces whether or not the shot has hit one of the opponent's ships and then takes a turn.
  • When all of the squares of a ship have been hit, the ship is sunk.
After all of one player's ships have been sunk, the game ends and the other player wins.

For the Salvo variation, each player may take as many shots in one turn as that player has ships remaining.
The starting player announces all five shots, then the opponent announces which if any are hits.
Each player has as many shots in each turn as that player has vessels afloat.
Thus, each time a player's ship is sunk, that player has one fewer shot in all subsequent turns.
In some versions (e.g. Hoyle Classic Board Games) the aircraft carrier has two shots.

The ceiling of each control room can be used as a record board to mark your hits and misses as you play. Use the colors on the side to make your marks accurate.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Don't let the rules intimidate you! Most of you (hopefully) should already know the rules by heart.



Video showcasing the first model


This game is possible only by an input method I discovered using a grid of AND gates connected so that whole, individual rows of AND gates are activated by own switch. Each row at each AND gate crosses with an intersecting row of AND gates; each of these two lines of redstone wiring controls the on/off state of one redstone torch of the AND gate. When two intersecting lines are toggled off, only the AND gate located at the junction of the wiring is activated.


Further development of the input scheme was developed by tdog158. Utilizing an encoder-decoder setup, far less wiring was required to achieve communication a grid. This reduces the amount of redstone updates a server would need to process, resulting in less lag and fewer headaches while playing.

Hopefully, some of you might find other purposes for this grid design, or may even improve upon it. Please share with us what you come up with! Send any questions you have to me via Youtube, username 'turkeypunchr'.

Have fun everyone!


P.S. - Be sure to visit tdog158's Youtube channel for videos on Battleship and other redstone devices!

Included in Battleship.zip (March 16, 2012):
world - contains Battleship build on a flat map
Clear_Glass-1_2_3.zip - recommended texture pack, but not required


Additional Notes

If you have trouble hitting the target, make sure all switches are off before engaging two more switches. Switching on more than one switch per board make encoders sad.
Progress: 100% Complete

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  • tdog158
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  • March 16, 2012, 7:01 pm

Attempting to upload the new video now! Youtube uploading is currently broken but I'll getting a dropbox link in here!
  • tdog158
  • Level 1
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  • March 18, 2012, 7:28 am
Video is now up! One of the first things in the post, be sure to check it out!

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