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Bikini Bottom Recreated Underwater (includes Bikini Atoll)

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Charkohol's Avatar Charkohol
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After over a years worth of work (on and off), we have concluded our project. Behold, a Bikini Bottom (Spongebob) World that is fully created under water and ALL by hand. No mods were used in the creation of this world as this was built on the Xbox 360 on the Generated Water World preset.

The map's spawn point is the only thing out of water, and is located on Bikini Atoll (the island you see during the show's intro). It includes 5 chests which will all be needed if you plan to do a survival run on the map. If you just want to explore the world in Creative, then you will only need 2 of these chests (the helmet chest and the potion of Night Vision chest). The rest of the chests include everything to play the map "efficiently" on Survival.

This map includes the following:

Spongebob's Pineapple
Squidward's Easter Island Head
Patrick's Rock
The Krusty Krab
The Chum Bucket
Kelp Restaurant
Mrs. Puff's House
Mrs. Puff's Boating School
Spongebob's Grandma's House
Bikini Bottom Jail
Cephalopod Lodge
Mr. Krab's Anchor
Bikini Bottom Hospital
Sandy's Tree Dome
Weenie Hut Jr's
Salty Spitoon
Flying Dutchman's Ship
The Cemetery
Jellyfish Fields
Shady Shoals
Goo Lagoon

There are some other places on this world, but I will leave that for you to find out and explore.
CreditYouTube: Charkohol
Progress100% complete

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