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Bucket-Wheel Excavator Bagger 288

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this is a bucket-wheel excavator called Bagger 288 (in German “Bagger” simply means “excavator”. “Bucket-wheel excavator” would be “Schaufelradbagger” composed from “Bagger” and “Schaufelrad” which means “bucket-wheel” (bucket = Schaufel, Eimer; wheel = Rad)). It is a mobile strip-mining machine used in Germany’s largest lignite open pit mine and in operation since 1978. It was built by Thyssen Krupp (making the mechanical parts) and Siemens (contributing the electronics).

Weighing 13,000 metric tonnes and measuring up to 220 meters in length and 96 meters in height it is heavier than the Eiffel Tower and the NASA Crawler Transporter, higher than the Statue of Liberty with footing and generally counts as one of the biggest land vehicles on Earth. Thanks to its many crawlers and therefore large area its weight spreads on, 288’s ground pressure is so low (1.7 bar, atmospheric pressure is 1 bar at ground level) that it doesn’t leave a track deeper than a human's footprint.

Under optimal conditions (loose material to excavate, no heavy stones damaging the conveyors) Bagger 288 can excavate 240,000 cubic meters daily (10,000 cubic meters per hour). The bucket-wheel picks up material (each of the 18 buckets can hold 6.6 cubic meters), throws it on a conveyor belt which brings it to the center of the machine where a crusher shreds it. From the crusher, a second conveyor belt delivers the material to a hopper feeding into a third conveyor belt mounted to the conveyor bridge connecting the digging unit and the handover unit. Right beneath the third conveyor sits a fourth conveyor making it possible for the handover unit to slide under the conveyor bridge to move closer or farther away from the digging unit. The handover unit finally drops the mined material onto a stationary conveyor belt. From there, the material is either carried to the other side of the mine and scattered by spreaders (if the mined material was overburden) or transferred to a central collection hub where coal gets sorted and treated (if the mined material was coal).

The digging unit’s upper part is mounted on a ball-bearing measuring 20 meters in diameter and can turn 270°. The boom the bucket-wheel is attached to can be lowered and raised using a cable system similar to a pulley.

Despite its immense size, 288 is operated by just 4 people: one operates the digging unit, another one the handover unit, one keeps checking the conveyor belts and the group leader is on ground and advises the digging unit’s operator.

Bagger 288 is powered electrically and needs to be fed with 16.56 megawatts (22.500 horsepower). 4 electric motors each outputting 840 kilowatts drive the bucket-wheel. That is a combined power of 3.36 megawatts just for turning the wheel.

I built the excavator in 1:1 scale. It is fully walkable however the pathways can be quite narrow so you might need your jump’n’run skills sometimes to get where you want to go.

The 4 conveyor belts are all connected and you can walk along most of them to follow the path the mined material takes.

I made two versions of Bagger 288. The first shows it in “travel mode” as it could be seen when 288 moved from Hambach to Garzweiler in 2001. The second version shows 288 in an open pit mine. In the second version the bottom is rotated by 180° and the conveyor bridge is rotated by 90°.

In the very last image, I put the 288 next to the Kapisi to see how their sizes compare but I forgot how massive the Kapisi was. Next to her, Bagger 288 looks like a pet.

Reference Images
Bucket-Wheel Excavator Bagger 288 Minecraft Map

Bucket-Wheel Excavator Bagger 288 Minecraft Map

Bucket-Wheel Excavator Bagger 288 Minecraft Map

And here's a song by Rathergood about Bagger 288:

Bagger 288!

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12/23/2020 12:58 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Crafter
nzcsx's Avatar
THIS IS JUST SO STUNNING! I always find bucket-wheel excavator a brutally beautiful piece of device. Can I use it in my server? I will credit you of course. Is there any preference on the format of crediting? (I usually just spell out the planetminecraft usernames using blocks lol)
12/23/2020 1:20 pm
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Captain_JEK's Avatar
Thank you :D
"Brutally beautiful" hits the point quite well xD
Yes, you can use this on your server, if you can't link my planet minecraft profile or this submission page, I guess the name will do. I imagine it to take up a lot of space writing it with blocks, so I'd say writing my name on a sign attached to the excavator also is sufficient ^^
Have fun with it!
12/22/2020 5:46 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
reZina's Avatar
Just yes! I'm glad, I've found your cahnnel!
12/22/2020 12:58 pm
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Captain_JEK's Avatar
Welcome! Enjoy your stay ^^
11/06/2020 5:18 pm
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11/06/2020 5:48 pm
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Captain_JEK's Avatar
Aperture Science? Of course, I'd love to support the construction of such a research institute ^^
09/28/2020 9:09 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Flowerguide's Avatar
This is what we call THE TRUE BAGGER YE also very good job i hope you have a great day
09/28/2020 11:15 am
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Captain_JEK's Avatar
Thank you very much :D
I wish you a great day, too!
09/07/2020 2:07 am
Level 1 : New Miner
PIGLET75's Avatar
very impressive
09/07/2020 9:00 am
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Captain_JEK's Avatar
Thanks ^^
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