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برج العرب (Burj Al Arab) 7 Star Hotel

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It can be defined as the hotel with the highest world records, as it is the highest (321 m), the most luxurious (the only one in the world of 7 stars) and naturally, one of the most expensive: "برج العرب" is the "Arab Tower" (for its meaning) built in the middle of the sea, in an area of the Persian Gulf famous for its spectacular and futuristic architecture, and especially dedicated to tourism.

The impressive building rises on an artificial island 300 meters from the coast, opposite the Jumeirah beach in Dubai. A tower built in one of the most hostile environments on earth, without the limitations of an established construction tradition. It is a completely independent entertainment complex, with an overwhelming scale and an intentional atmosphere of "playground", the building is as independent of its location as it could be an ocean liner.
Tom Wright's design for the hotel reflects the heritage of the Dubai sailor, resembling the spinnaker sail of a yacht of the J. class.
The large Teflon-like fiberglass cloth membrane that closes the atrium wall is tilted outwards by suspended crossbeams of the tower, reproducing in a fairly faithful way the sails that wave attached to their masts in the sailboats that sail in the vicinity. Its horizontal arches resist the wind loads, and the tensioned fabric between this kind of meridians that once became a set of rigid panels: "hyperbolic paraboloids", resting at a perfect speed.

The structure of this work of art of architecture is a braced framework formed by steel profiles and guarantees its stability both by its triangular shape in plan and by the triangulation of its facades.

The foundations of piles cross the bed of sand and are organized in groups concentrated around the main points of support. The land reclaimed from the sea sits around this formation.
The practical base structure is decorated with a large external frame, an exoskeleton that stands out from the main structure as a decorative element. The components of this stylized assembly are curvilinear braced diagonally. This superfluous mechanism is sharpened as it extends upwards to reach the attic, where the restaurant is located, which extends forward and to the sides in cantilever, a from this intersection with the core intended for vertical circulation.

How much does the night cost in the Burj Al Arab?

Royal Suite of the Hotel Burj Al Arab, in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The night costs 18,000 dollars and the one that has right to the heliport, transfer within the city in Rolls Royce and access to the submarine restaurant

well this was all and I hope you like it, luck for the participants of the contest

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Well done :D
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Fucking good

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