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NukeTown COD 2.

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Evan_McClan's Avatar Evan_McClan
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The Project:
Our goal when creating this map was to recreate the classic NukeTown Map from Call Of Duty - Black Ops 2 in a 1;1 scale, meaning it is the most exact it can be. Infact, OneBigNation is currently still working to recreate all of the Call Of Duty Maps, Both from BlackOps2 And BlackOps3.

Info About The Map:

  • The map took 1 month to complete
  • The map in total is roughly 100+ by 100+ blocks in dimensions (relative to the size of the real map)
  • The map features a 200+ tall mushroom cloud at the end of the street (right where the nuclear bomb gets dropped at the end of a game)
  • You can go anywhere in the map that you are able to go in the Original Game
  • This map (as far as we know) is the only NukeTown map that it built 100% on the right angle to the game!

What we use it for:
The Nuketown map is currently home only to the OneBigNation server network! The map is used for their Paintball Warfare minigame and OITC games, aswell as Capture-The-Flag!

Tools Used To Build The Map:
Out Side Of Minecraft:
  • OneBigNation PointLocator
  • Mr_Weebow's Polynomial Calculator for Minecraft
  • Reference Photos of the Map
  • Ingame Play & Videos
  • Blue-Prints (Yes Nuketown is modeled after a real place!)
  • Concept Art

  • OneBigNation's PointLocator-MC
  • WorldEdit
  • VoxelSniper
  • Tenzin Construction Mapper
CreditHerobrine___Jr, HDMrWafflez, AutumnHD
Progress100% complete

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04/17/2020 5:50 pm
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How can i download your map?
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