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this is a carryall from the Dune (2021) movie.
It is used to pick up and transport Spice Harvesters and to elevate them to safety when a sandworm approaches.

Carryalls basically are a form of skycrane or manned drone with four grippers to hold on to the freight and five balloons that can be inflated for lifting heavy loads.

There seem to be at least two versions of carryalls, one with a second, centered cabin and one without it. In the movie, the first version is the one that is called to pick up a harvester and fails because it is damaged, the second can be seen earlier when it picks up a harvester and safely carries it out into the desert.

The cables connecting the crawler and carryall and the balloons were much more difficult to build than I anticipated. I'm still working on them and will add images of a fully inflated carryall harvester combination later.
I just liked the idea of a carryall delivering presents so much that I wanted to show it now.

Reference Images
Carryall Minecraft Map
Carryall Minecraft Map
Carryall Minecraft Map

Early concept art for the carryall and the spice harvester by Steve Burg. Funny enough they used almost this exact model in the movie. They only added a fifth balloon container in the center.

Progress100% complete

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