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EJSnowden avatar EJSnowden
Level 15 : Journeyman Miner
God came across a dying world and found twelve animals amidst the ruins. He rescued them, nurtured them, and taught them how to become human. He built for them a world, full of nature, cities, monuments and wonders, so they and their children might inhabit it. This land was called Luft.

Work in Progress
The world of Luft is large and spread out, composed of many builds- cities, castles, ports, manors, a whole civilization.
If lost, you can use the map in the player inventory to find your way. All major builds are on the map and within 1000 blocks of the world center (+/-1000 of 0,64,0). Most roads will lead to points of interest, as well.
The texturepack for this world is a modified Jolicraft.
Built with WorldEdit help.
1600 hours of work.
MC version 1.18.1

The citizens of the world are divided into Houses, one for each child of God. Each House is intended to have a Manor, Tower, Castle, etc, to call their base of power.
Progress: (House - Original Animal - Building Name - Progress%)
Basilton - Otter - Port Basil - 20%
Beckben - Bear - Antisis - 2%
Dustday - Boar - Gold Sand Executive Manor - 100%
Endingway - Wolf - Endingway Manor - 100%
Fendrake - Snake - Castle Fen - 5%
Foust - Fox - Clefton Hold - 50%
Hohenheim - Lion - Everine Chapterhouse - 20%
Loft - Eagle - Sildimir Spire - 0%
Moonmage - Owl - Coran Tur - 66%
Pilate - Stag - Castle Triss - 100%
Snowden - Hare - Sakura - 0%
Stonestep - Ram - Redstone Arsenal - 0%

*I have an extensive story associated with this world, that evolves as the world evolves. For lore reasons Castle Triss (title pic and my opus magnus) is not in its usual central location, but located at 2289 246 1782 xyz (basically the middle of nowhere). There is a Warp Chamber at the top of the castle that can lead you to all the other major builds, but the return warps aren't functional at the moment. I'll fix this next update.

*to play, download from mediafire, unzip to your minecraft saves folder.
CreditAndre Jolicoeur (Jolicraft creator)
Progress35% complete

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by EJSnowden 12/20/2021 1:16:59 pmDec 20th, 2021

Expanded many cities and structures.
Completed surface section of Clefton Hold.
Completed Dustday Manor.
Cannonized lore.
*Castle Triss not centrally located- will fix!
*Teleporters not working properly- will fix!

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Level 8 : Apprentice Architect
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