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Central Train Station - Majestic 12 Destination automated mine cart station. Works with MC 1.8.8

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Sir Mandrake's Avatar Sir Mandrake
Level 21 : Expert Engineer
** Verified to work and perform well with MC 1.8.8, and many types of Servers such as Spout, Spiggot Bukkit and others **

NOTE: After the 1.6.2 update. Mojang changed the way Minecarts interactwith playersand adjacent blocks when exiting mine carts.Because of this change, its possible that people can get stuck in one of the cart storage silos.So be careful at the loading bay for carts until I figure out how to work around this for the 1.7.0 Release of Minecraft.

Post a comment if you are using this station on your server or parts of it.
If you have any feature requests feel free to ask. I see many downloads but no feedback.
Thanks and Enjoy!
1.8.8 Update - Verify Station Functionality
** Been out of Minecraft a while and just getting back into it. I have some new changes in the works I plan to do and when Im done I will update the world download in a future update.

1.6.4 Update - Verify Station Functionality
** Report a minor issue with Loading bay after mine cart changes in MC 1.6.2

1.6.2 Update - Verify Station Functionality

1.5 Update
** Fixed a bug with the Station Logic due to redstone changes in Minecraft 1.5.
** ADDED a Ticket Dispenser in the Ticket office for fun!
** ADDED block notes to know when a cart is delivered to the storage silo.
A single Tone means a cart was returned and stored,
A single Tone, then 3 consecutive tones means there was a silo overflow condition and the carts are being discarded to prevent pileups.

Leave a comment or Diamond if you like the work that I've done. I welcome comments and suggestions and will do what I can to help if you have problems using the station on your server. If you do use the station on your own server, let me know and send me the address to your server if its not private. I'd love to see how you adapted it for your server.


After much searching for a mine cart station to use on my server, I kept finding inferior designs that didnt work well, or great designs that were broken due to updates to Minecraft. I decided to build my own station using redstone technology techniques used in some of the best stations or using techniques I learned from tutorials and improvising on the designs. The station's redstone wiring is very compact and the station inner workings doesn't take up much area.

Below the station are silos that store up to 15 carts and features overflow detection and disposal.
Stored carts travel up to upper floor and are staged for quick cart calling. Upon arrival, carts are recycled back into the silo. If the station were to run out of carts, there is a station for admins to refill or users can deposit their own cart. The Station has a very simple and clean design with behind the scenes viewing of the redstone circuitry.

Its fully functional as of the newest MC update 1.8.x release
Its got an elevator that requires the Lift - 52 Plugin...dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/lift/files/57-lift-52/
Works good with most world protection addons such as iZone and server addons like CraftBukkit, spiggot, spout
This station is in use on a server now and will be updated if a future change to Minecraft breaks it. I will update and post it here.

** Lock Destination Selection until a rider leaves once they step on loading plate. **DONE**
** Multiple Silo Storage and Delivery to allow more than 15 cart storage **Dispensors Maybe - Seems boring**
** Better way to arrive at the station. Example: Park incoming riders in different bays to prevent pileups. **COMING SOON**

Thanks for Looking!

Additional Notes

Texture pack used: Ovo's Rustic pack v2 - Any general pack will do. The higher resolution the better.
Prerequisite server plugin used: Lift-33 for elevator functions
Get Lift here:dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/lift/files/57-lift-52/
CreditDocRedstone for his awesome Redstone Tutorials.
Progress100% complete

7 Update Logs

Update #7 : by Sir Mandrake 09/08/2015 2:13:55 amSep 8th, 2015

1.8.8 Update - Verify Station Functionality
** Verified to work and perform well with MC 1.8.8, and modded servers such as Spout, Spiggot and Bukkit Servers.

**I've been out of Minecraft a while and just getting back into it. I have some new changes in the works I plan to do and when Im done I will update the world download in a future update.

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05/19/2019 2:04 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Strawberry
Epideme90's Avatar
To download - which file is it from the dropbox, it's a bit hard to tell.

Otherwise looks amazing and exactly what i was going to try to make for my server
Sir Mandrake
08/07/2019 2:49 pm
Level 21 : Expert Engineer
Sir Mandrake's Avatar
Sorry for the late reply on this. I dont get on here as much as I used too.
I have updated the link to download from PMC now, For some reason Dropbox was showing the contents of the ZIP. Its a world folder for you to open in MC and explore the station. Using World Editor you can cut and paste it into your own world. I plan to make a schematic one of these days. Enjoy the Station!
10/17/2013 5:17 pm
Level 23 : Expert Engineer
HeadLightFluid's Avatar
To fix the silo storage problem...just make a dispenser mechanism with an infinite amount of carts in it :)
Sir Mandrake
10/17/2013 9:07 pm
Level 21 : Expert Engineer
Sir Mandrake's Avatar
That is a good Idea, Thank you!
With all the new additions and changes to dispensers it makes sense to utilize them.
10/13/2013 2:47 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Engineer
pahakalle's Avatar
when will you update it to 1.6.4
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