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Chapter 4: Caves + Trials

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Mangomanga avatar Mangomanga
Level 24 : Expert Architect
This map has been altered from our server for use in Singleplayer! There may be some bugs!

I recomend using cheats to allow yourself out of any holes

Make sure:

- Gamemode: Adventrue
- KeepInventory: True
- Diffuculty: Normal


- Parkour
- Custom Mobs
- Puzzles

This map is quite challenging!


Looking for the Legendary blade our adventurers entered the grave of the Queen Emily lead by one of the Kings guard who was tired of his rule, our Adventurers were confronted by a stronghold of the timeless, holding secrets and mysteries within. The tyrant himself, King Leo made an appearance revealing that the blade was broken into three pieces and learning himself that the traitorous king's guard was in fact the Late queen Emily!

Now our heroes search for the first piece of the blade but what might they find in the caves and trials...

After word

Join us on timeless.serverminer.com to join the adventure! a small semi-vanilla server!

Any bugs please report to https://discord.gg/2h3XgDEx3V
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