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Christmas One Command

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Level 40 : Master Engineer
Click on 'Minecraft: World Save' to download a text document containing the command as well as the test world I made the command in.

WARNING: This is a 15w51b (1.9) or higher command.

This command was going to be released on 12/24/15, but I couldn't wait any longer so here it is.

I know not everyone celebrates Christmas although it is the most known holiday. Even people who don't go to church have religous beleifs celebrate Christmas. Now, don't get me wrong this is not a religous command. It has nothing to do with Jesus and all that. It is just a fun command. If I get enough comments asking for a command for another holiday celebrated around the time of Christmas like Hanukkah (a Jewish holiday celebrated in December). Then I might make I command for it in 2016.

This page did not say the the flames had to be in the Chimnry still when this video was made. It is fixed now and says that the Chimney needs to be lit.

To install this command simply allow cheats in a world, get a command block by typing /give @p minecraft:command_block, finaly paste the command into the command block.

New Items:
1. Christmas Tree
2. Chimney/Fireplace
3. Santa's Sword
4. Santa's Magic Dust
5. Lightbulb
6. Green Christmas Light
7. Red Christmas Light (I forgot about this one when I wrote the installalation message)
8. Flame Bucket (I forgot about this one when I wrote the installalation message)

New Mobs:
1. Santa Claus

How To Get/Craft The Items
1. Christmas Tree: A Christmas Tree is crafted by throwing nine oak saplings on the ground together. Drop the Christmas Tree item on the ground to place it. Brake the bottom log block to break the Christmas Tree.
2. Chimney/Fireplace: This item is a Fireplace, but the item is called: Chimney. A Chimney is crafted by dropping four brick slabs, six wooden trapdoors, and a flint and steel together on the ground. Place the spawn egg to place the Chimney.
3. Flame Bucket: To craft a Flame Bucket throw an empty bucket into the fire of the Chimney. This will remove the fire from the Chimney aswell. Drop a Flame Bucket on the ground to place fire. Drop it on a furnace for infinite fuel until the furnace is broken.
4. Lightbulb: A Lightbulb is crafted by dropping glowstone and a glass bottle on the ground together. This is used to craft Christmas Lights.
5. Green Christmas Light: A Green Christmas Light is crafted by dropping a Lightbulb and eight lime stained glass panes (this will give you ten Green Christmas Lights). Place the spawn egg on the ceiling to place it. If you don't you will lose it forever. Break the block the light is hanging from to brake the light. Just like with glass, you don't get it back. This will not give off light.
6. Red Christmas Light: Same as the Green Christmas Light execpt the crafting recipe is eight red stained glass panes instead of lime ones.
7. Santa's Sword: 30% chance to drop from Santa Claus. A diamond sword with enchantments.
8.  Santa's Magic Dust: 30% chance to drop from Stanta Claus. When holding Santa's Magic Dust you can look straight up to fly up, look straight down to fly down, or not look straight down or straight up to hover.

How To Find/Spawn The Mobs:
1. Santa Claus: When there is a player sleeping, a Christmas Tree, and a lit Chimney within a twenty block radius of each other Santa Claus will spawn for thirty seconds then disapear (for whatever reason most of the time two Santas will spawn) - or - rename a cave spider spawn egg to: Santa_Claus. You will also get twenty diamonds as a Christmas gift when this happens. When killed he also has a loot table of anything that can be found in an abandoned mineshaft.

I hope you all enjoy this command. If you have any questions or request leave them below.
CreditMCStacker, MrGarretto's Command Combiner, Video By SkatterBrainGaming
Progress100% complete

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09/30/2017 6:50 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Dream_Weever's Avatar
What is the command and how to we get it?
10/16/2017 8:40 pm
Level 40 : Master Engineer
dogfaceboy's Avatar
Instructions are in the description :)
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