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avatar dogfaceboy
Level 38 : Artisan Engineer
--- Command For 1.11 ---

Christmas Presents is my first one command in about a month and I'm excited to get back to them. This command is this holiday season's special command that allows you to give presents to other players or also get them from the game in case you are doing the single player. This is the first one command I've made that is not a download but a pastebin link so this way you don't need to download a .txt file since I know a few people were getting confused. All the instructions are listed below, have fun and an awesome holiday season!

How To Get A Command Block
Type in chat /give @p minecraft:command_block to get yourself a command block then just place it down and paste in the command.
How To Get The Command
Click the Download Minecraft World button and you will be sent to a pastebin link containing the command. Just copy and paste the command into a command block and voila! You have the command and just need to click the Needs Redstone button on the command block.

New Items:
- Blue Christmas Bulb
- Yellow Christmas Bulb
- Red Christmas Bulb
- Blue Present
- Yellow Present
- Red Present

How To Get The Presents:
To make a present place the items you want to become presents into a chest. Next, throw a bulb on the chest and the chest will turn into a present that's the same color as the bulb you threw on it. Finally, break the present in survival or adventure mode and it will drop the items you put in the chest. The best part is it saves the NBT data meaning if one of the items was named or enchanted it would keep it's name/enchantment when collected from the present. -- or -- You can look around a bit and you spot some presents left by Endermen. As time goes by Endermen will leave presents around the world that can contain anything that can be found in a nether fortress chest.

How To Make The Bulbs:
To make a bulb you throw 1 snowball, 4 glowstone dust, and 4 of ONE of the ingredients listed below.

Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli acts as a blue dye and will produce a blue bulb.
Dandelion Yellow: Dandelion Yellow acts as a yellow dye and will produce a yellow bulb.
Rose Red: Rose Red acts as a red dye and will produce a red bulb.

´╗┐See The Command On My Website: http://thedogfaceboy.weebly.com/presents-cmd.html
CreditDragnoz, MCStaker, MrGarretto
Progress100% complete

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