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Civ in Minecraft v1.7

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Download link is live! Report any bugs you find here!

Minecraft version 1.12.2

Read everything up until I say that everything after is not required!

Welcome to Civ in Minecraft! This game is a recreation of the Sid Meier's Civilization games. Advance through the tech tree and launch a spaceship, forge a massive army and conquer your foes, attract Great People to your civilization, and more! The choice is yours. Here are some current statistics for the game in its current version (v1.7):

- 15 techs, each with their own function
- 6 different units: 5 military and settlers
- 5 unique great people
- 8 different civilizations, each with a special ability
- A point system used for units, tiles, techs, and great people
- A happiness system
- 3 different maps
- 3 different ideologies, each allowing a different playstyle for your empire
- 4 city states
- World Congress with 7 different resolutions
- Eras to progress through
- A network of espionage
- Barbarians
- Numerous city state quests
- Religion
- A document within the save folder that gives information on every in-game feature called CiMGuidev1.7

DISCLAIMER: The map requires 3 people. No more and no less. I am working on adding singleplayer and 2 player. More players may be available in the future as well as new civs and increased player numbers.

Games on average take 2-3 hours


1. Do not jump when moving units unless moving up a block when moving onto someone's territory
2. Do not sprint at all when moving a unit
3. When throwing an xp bottle to drop a unit, throw it as far away as possible
4. Do not kill other players at any time. You can kill their civilization or their units though. :)
5. Stand still when placing a tile
6. Leave your 1st inventory slot open for units!
7. Only adventure mode!
8. Have someone play on at least 16 chunks so that all the command blocks stay loaded!

How to play:

Every tile in your empire (stained glass) generates 1 point. Points are added at the start of a turn. Happiness will also impact the points you receive in a turn. Use these points to train military units or to purchase techs from the tech room. Certain units require certain techs. You win by either conquering both the other capitals, securing enough votes in the World Congress to become the World Leader, or by researching all the techs and buying all 6 spaceship parts. More victory conditions are in the works in the future.

Interacting with Units and Cities

Crouching while on top of a unit selects it and will put it in your inventory. Every block you move will drop your movement by 1 point. Once you hit 0, you can not move until you place the unit. Throw the xp bottle far away from you to drop the unit. If you are on top of an empty enemy city with a unit in your inventory, jump to capture it. Look straight up with a settler in your inventory to settle the city. No settling on water, and must be a minimum of 2 tiles between cities. If you walk on top of an enemy unit with a unit in your inventory, combat will automatically initiate. Combat rules in the book within the chest in the starting lobby.

What Items do:

Carrot on a Stick: Used to end your turn. If it is not your turn, it does nothing.
Squid egg: If you purchased a tile, placing a squid will place a tile where you are standing.
Experience Bottle: If you have a unit in your inventory, throwing this will place the unit where you are standing. Remember to throw this as far away from you as possible to not risk picking up the xp!
Player head: This means you have a unit in your inventory. Use the experience bottle to place it where you are standing.

***Everything after this point is not required to read. It is information that can be found in-game or other information.


America (Blue): Tiles are 1 point cheaper to purchase
Russia (Red): Start the game with 1 extra tile
China (Green): Military units are 5 points cheaper to purchase
Polynesia (Orange): Coastal cities cost 1 less happiness
Greece (Yellow): Start the game with 20 favor with all City States
Carthage (Purple): Happiness costs 1 less happiness to purchase
Byzantium (Magenta): Start the game with 1 faith per turn
Aztecs (Brown): Earn 3-10 points depending on era upon killing an enemy unit

Great People:

Genghis Khan: Adds 3 permanent movement points. 50 points (45 if you have Enlightenment)
Justinian I: Returns 50 points when you purchase Enlightenment. 40 points
Marcus Licinius Crassus: Gives the player 5 tiles. 25 points (20 if you have Enlightenment)
Leonardo da Vinci: Gives the player a free Science Lab. Requires Scientific Theory. 115 points (110 if you have Enlightenment)
Dalai Lama: Missionary spreads grants 2 additional faith per turn. 50 faith (45 if you have Enlightenment)

Map types:

Pangaea: 1 large premade landmass. All players start on said landmass. No islands. A couple lakes or oases.
Archipelago: Many thin premade islands. Players each start on different islands that are slightly larger than surrounding islands.
Fractal: A randomly generated map that creates many thin, snaky continents.


Autocracy: For those who seek a swift and dominant military
1. United Front: Lose 2 happiness from taking cities off of players
2. Rapid Recruitment: 3 points are refunded upon purchasing a unit
3. Rapid Deployment: Adds 1 movement for every 6 movement you have normally at the time of tenet adoption

Order: For those who seek to reap the most out of an expansive empire
1. Colonialism: City settle costs 1 less happiness starting when the tenet is adopted
2. Imperialism: City settle gives 1 extra tile starting when the tenet is adopted
3. Glory of the Empire: Receive 1 extra happiness for every 16 tiles owned by the civilization at the time of tenet adoption

Freedom: For the smaller, more rational and diplomatic of empires
1. Nobel Prize: Receive 4 points per turn for every Great Person recruited at the time of tenet adoption
2. Free Elections: Receive 2 free happiness every 10 turns after this tenet is adopted
3. Eureka: Receive 1 point per turn for every tech that has been researched

Tech and Unit info found in the document within the save folder called CiMGuidev1.7. (It would take a lot of space to type)
CreditPlaytesters: SeamusBoi (Owltheamazing99), blackcomputer
Progress100% complete

6 Update Logs

CiM v1.7 Patch Notes : 01/05/2019 5:47:39 pmJan 5th, 2019

New Feature: Faith and Religion
  • Begin acquiring faith with a shrine. Shrines are unlocked with the Expansion technology and cost 15 points and give 1 faith per turn. You can have 1 shrine for every city in your empire.
  • Founding a religion costs 15 faith and you can NAME your religion whatever you want!
  • Missionaries: Unlocked upon founding a religion and cost 25 faith. They grant +1 faith per turn and then an additional 1 faith per turn for each additional purchase, maxing out at the number of cities you have. (Ex: if you have 3 cities, missionaries would give +1, +2, +3, +3, +3... faith per turn.
  • Inquisitors: Unlocked upon founding a religion and cost 20 faith. Removes 20 faith from both other civilizations.
  • Grand Temple: Requires a shrine in every city in the empire. Costs 50 points. Grants 5 faith per turn.
  • Upon founding a religion, you get to pick 1 of 5 religious beliefs.

Religious Beliefs:
  • Tithe: Purchasing a missionary grants 5 points.
  • Pagodas: Cost 20 faith. 1 pagoda per settled city in the empire. Provides 1 faith per turn and 1 happiness.
  • Churches: Cost 20 faith. 1 church per settled city in the empire. Provides 1 faith per turn and 2 tiles.
  • Temples: Cost 20 faith. 1 temple per settled city in the empire. Provides 2 faith per turn.
  • World Church: Purchasing a missionary refunds 5 faith.
New Victory Type: Religious Victory:
  • Have a total of 500 faith stored at any point in the game to win a Religious Victory. The collective faith of your people must astound the world!

  • There is strategy now! New health based system in favor of the RNG version. Every unit in the game has 4 health.
  • Units of equal level do 2 damage to each other.
  • Every unit level higher your unit is to the opponent adds 1 to your damage and reduces the damage dealt to your unit by 1.
  • Every unit level lower your unit is to the opponent reduces your damage by 1 and increases the damage your unit receives by 1
  • If the defending unit dies when attacked, it does not deal its damage to the attacking unit.
  • Blocks above units represent their health. The health of a selected unit is in the sidebar.
  • Green terracotta: 4 hp
  • Lime terracotta: 3 hp
  • Yellow terracotta: 2 hp
  • Red terracotta: 1 hp
  • Units with 0 hp are removed from the game
  • If a unit capturing a city has more than 2 hp, it loses 2 hp upon capturing the city

NEW Civilizations:
  • Byzantium: Magenta city center. Start the Game with 1 faith per turn
  • Aztecs: Brown city center. Earn 3-10 points based on the era you are in upon killing an enemy unit.

Spaceship Parts:
  • Spaceship Hull points: 150 > 175
  • Spaceship Hydroponics points: 200 > 225
  • Spaceship Habitation Module points: 225 > 250
  • Spaceship Fusion Reactor points: 250 > 275

  • Rapid Deployment (Autocracy): 1 additional movement for every X movement: 4 > 6
  • United Front: Happiness lost from city capture: 0 > 2

Great People:
  • Genghis Khan: 4 movement for 25 points > 3 movement for 50 points
  • NEW Dalai Lama: Missionaries spread religion as if 2 more cities are under your religion (2 more faith per turn from spreads)
Quality of Life:
  • Removed the ability to sprint and jump when moving units with a couple necessary exceptions like capturing cities and jumping onto city borders etc.

Bug Fixes:
  • Movement is actually 100% confirmed fixed. Seriously.
  • Fixed a bug where Polynesia was not properly getting their happiness bonus upon city settle

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