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Conquest point of Speed

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This is one of four conquest points of the JustChunks PvP server. The conquest points are located around the 1000s coordinates (e.g.: 1000/1000, -1000/-1000, etc.). Those points are used for our unique conquest-fights, that happen every 5 hours, and last one hour. During the fight, your clan needs to stay alone in the most central chunk for as long as possible. The clan, that spent the most seconds within this chunk without other clans being in that chunk during that one hour period, wins.

Each of those conquest points was assigned to a unique theme that represents the kind of boni one may receive for capturing. The boni are applied until the next fight starts. We also tried to reflect the assigned topics as much as possible within the architecture, terrain, location and decoration.

This specific conquest point was given the topic of 'speed'. We tried to convey a feeling of velocity, even though this point is stationary, like the three other points. The most obvious solution was to weave the topic into the fights. We wanted to have fast paced battles across different layers of the city (roof, ground, tunnels) so we made it easy to reach the roofs, and we connected them to further involve bowmen into the strategies. In our opinion the topic also reflects in the "speed of change", that happens in deserts. Dunes form and disperse in minutes.
CreditJustChunks Buildteam
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03/05/2018 5:43 pm
Level 40 : Master Architect
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It looks fantastic. ;P
03/06/2018 2:33 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Network
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Thanks! We're glad you like it!
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