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Cube Control Remastered - 1.12+ - Original by Xisumavoid

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This map is simply a rebuilt version of the old Cube Control map by Xisuma. this map is still played by many people in the community even though it's quite outdated ( wasn't even downloadable ), so I decided to take a day of coding and rebuild the redstone of this map.

Original thread by Xisumavoid

Download this remastered version here.

The core map itself is completely unchanged, the cubes are exactly the same, as well as the trades.

I just placed some colored beds for each team, and an anvil. The fireballs are also now slightly more powerful, cause they were quite useless in the past.

The hub I built is as simple as possible, a platform of barrier blocks with several options using punchable signs.

You can choose if it's daytime or night time, if fire spreads or not and if mobs can spawn. There's a randomizer for teams but you can still choose for yourselves if you want. And of course a startup sign

Beside the classic parkour jump, there's nothing else. All the gameplay mechanism and stuff is located in the command block chain you see under the hub.

Any feedback or suggestions is appreciated !

Thanks for reading,

Progress95% complete

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