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This method is made using a map, an item frame and what ever pixel art you want to bring in to your game.

So a few weeks ago i was building for my Pokemon map project and a house had a town map on the wall showing the overworld, my brother and i decided to build the map as pixel art in the area a regular map would take up, this being 128-128 blocks in either direction. From this i realized i can use this to take pixel art to the next level, This method is far more difficult due to an even tighter restriction of colours however the following images are what i have made with this earlier last week.

I hope this will inspire more people to make their art in a new light. I will not add a download for the map just yet but if enough people would like a download so that they can easier experiment and try new styles of art then i will strongly consider adding one.

Also, i will continue to update this with any new pixel art i build though it may not be frequently due to the amount of other things i am working on.

Thank you for your time!
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