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Cyberpunk / Sci-Fi World "Frontier"

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black_hat's Avatar black_hat
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Answer
Lore of the above photos: www.rp-mc.com/lore

Above are some photos from a cyberpunk roleplaying world I'm working on called the Frontier. It draws heavy themes from Deus Ex, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell and general sci-fi works such as Alien, Titanfall, and Dead Space with its interstellar colonization theme, and mega-corporations dominating humanity and going as far as establishing political hegemons.

The project is still in its infancy, with a lot of kinks to iron out, and things to balance, build and refine -- but, I intend the depth and complexity of the socio-political roleplay on the server to be unlike anything else in the saturated roleplaying landscape of MC. So our primary theme, in the most basic, thematic sense (cyberpunk) is principally the idea that technological developments will not solve the social issues that plague society and in cases these issues will be exacerbated resulting in a world that is both very advanced but just as, or more broken in same the ways it is now. As a result cyberpunk settings are usually very dark, in many cases in the literal sense as well.

So far, we've established a solid foundation for the cyberpunk & sci-fi roleplay to begin, and it has already proven to be successful; we've seen a cadre of unique original characters from "all walks of life" -- from mercenary to actress, from augmentations doctor to orbital salvager interacting in the most awesome of fashions, all the while within the confines of your standard minecraft roleplaying server so everybody can create their own character, and jump into the action. We've seen players engaging in complex levels of diplomacy, as far as authoring legislation and debate policy, we've seen hardened detective/crime RPs inundated with the nitty-gritty of hellish-urban life, and we've also seen your typical drama RPs take place in a group of friends. All of which operating within the builds pictured above - it's an awesome sight.

As I mentioned before, there is a lot to be worked out, but a lot of fun to be had. If you're interested in helping out or just interested and want to take a peek at the progress, visit www.rp-mc.com for some basic information for getting on.

Our discord to ask questions: discord.gg/9ZkZtuB
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01/24/2021 8:37 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Procrastinator
crunchysnack's Avatar
Looking at this is making me really nostalgic. If anyone is wondering where this server went, someone in higher management decided to delete the server for some reason. There is a new Discord with people rebuilding a new server, although they decided to change the theme to Dieselpunk. discord.gg/bP8KntS
09/04/2018 10:30 am
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DRACOS03's Avatar
Will there be a download for this map ?
09/29/2017 10:46 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
DJVoyager's Avatar
This is already looking to be a great server by the back story and pictures you have posted. Good work and good luck :)
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