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(VERY ˢᵐᵃˡˡ town of) Berglisades Park, CYL County v1.8.0 BETA. - [EARLY dev. stage] - [Release #14]. -- [NEXT RELEASE, #15, v1.8.8 Beta coming later in 2021, MORE INFO IN UPDATE LOG]

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Level 52 : Grandmaster Programmer

I've originally planned and anticipated that I RELEASE the next update for this virtual Minecraft town by the end of 2020 (i.e. one year for each update, annual updates for this project), but God had other plans to sidetrack me. In other words, I had other work and life commitments, and I had to take physical care of myself (everyone HAS to eat and sleep, right?), let alone of the fact that my father passed away in April 2020 due to the dreaded COVID-19 outbreak, which in turn, absolutely has affected AND almost tanked my productivity. Basically, from my perspective, I've failed miserably to get this update done in one year. It would be AMAZING if I could just focus on ONE thing, whatever it is, and not juggle a million things at once.

*** (That being said, I CANNOT promise or guarantee anything, especially when it's ONLY ME working on this construction project!) ***

See the UPDATE LOG for a complete explanation and complete info on the NEXT UPDATE, Release #15: v1.8.8 Beta.

This solo project of mine is still VERY MUCH in a beta state (I intentionally wrote "beta". NOT
"alpha", because I now consider my project has already moved beyond the "alpha" state since I've started building this town during my junior year of high school. Even though I dream (a dream is just a dream) of becoming an architect SOMEDAY in the not-so-near future, if at all; I've just realized that a US college bachelor's degree in architecture is a FIVE-YEAR program, not 4 years. And in New Jersey, you need to pass a licensing exam AFTER earning the architecture degree. Well, a young man like me can only dream for now, especially that I've already MOVED to Taiwan in June 2019. Oh, and the advanced math, like CALCULUS, associated with architecture is VERY OFF-PUTTING to me, so I can FORGET about studying architecture for now, and just balance Minecraft with my new post-college grad RESTAURANT JOB in Taiwan, for now.

That's why if you see "Grandmaster Architect" under my name, I'm NOT really an architect, in the definition and practical senses of the word (math ISN'T my strongest point and I don't know ANY form of calculus), but I guess you could call me "virtual architect" OR "Minecraft architect".

Meaning this is only the 14th release as of now, so releases 14 and 15, and so on, and so forth might be BETA releases.

Why is it called "Berglisades Park, CYL County"? Hint: it's based on the real-life towns of where I grew up BEFORE graduating college and moving to my birth & native country of Taiwan.
As my virtual Minecraft town is currently called Berglisades Park, CYL County (the NEW and latter name for this town, and will be for future and subsequent updates), it used to be called CYL "City" (OLD and former name before Update #14), I'm BOTH inspired by the two real-life towns AND this Minecraft town is based on BOTH North Bergen, New Jersey, in Hudson County and Palisades Park, NJ, in Bergen County. Just in case if you suck at geography, both NJ towns are very close to New York City, Jersey City, Hoboken, AND Manhattan. BUT IT'S ACTUALLY NOT NEW YORK CITY, JUST THOSE TWO MODEST-SIZED NJ TOWNS NEAR NYC, WHICH OBVIOUSLY AREN'T SUPER FAMOUS, ESPECIALLY WORLDWIDE.

The name of this town I've made up is basically a blended "portmanteau" of the names of these two real-life towns, minus the "North" part, highlighted in purple. "CYL" is just my initials if you wanted to know.

I currently get my inspiration from what I see on Google Earth/Google Maps for those north-eastern NJ towns, and I've USED TO walk and take car rides around town to brainstorm ideas of what I generally build, but I just DON'T do the walking and car-riding part ANYMORE because I've already MOVED to my birth and native country of Taiwan.


If you see the above text inside the 1st image about which texture/resource pack to use and which Minecraft version to pair it with and about SKIPPING a warning, its because of some mod conflicts (INcompatible with 1.13 or above).

This means it's ONLY compatible with Java 1.12 to 1.12.2
because I've found at least THREE (3) mods that I currently use and the creators of the mods ONLY support them up to 1.12.2. That means I'm not even THINKING about using 1.13 or above until the aforementioned creators update their mods. Those three (3) mods are Fancy Block Particles, Time HUD, and ColorUtility. I know you three (3) modders may have other life commitments, but please UPDATE your darn MODS already!!! Preferably to 1.16 though.

to the Greenfield City page and its entire building team, with its resource pack home to one of the largest modern cities in Minecraft:

One of the links I've provided above goes to the "Greenfield City" project/download page, and I've linked the FIRST link to my "Berglisades Park, CYL County" page here, as a way of crediting the Greenfield builder team in order to be permitted to use someone else's texture/resource pack in MY build, since I'm also ONLY a builder as well, NOT a texture/resource pack designer.


*** RESOURCE PACK and IMAGE info - REMEMBER to download and use Greenfield's resource pack !! ***

Resource Pack using: Greenfield Official Texture Pack 1.13 (SCROLL DOWN to see SPECIAL and SPECIFIC download instructions in RED TEXT) !!!!!

Shaders in the pics: SEUS Renewed 1.0.0.
Programs used to make pics: Minecraft, obviously.

*** NOTE:
I'm the ORIGINAL creator/developer of this Berglisades Park, CYL County map, ever since October 2012 ***

***SPECIAL and SPECIFIC download instructions ***

For the current version of Berglisades Park, CYL County (v1.8.0 beta), DO NOT USE version 1.13 or above, EVEN if you use Greenfield's LATEST 1.16 resource pack because the previous version of CYL "City" was built using 1.12.1 back in September 2017, and it's only compatible with 1.12.1 and 1.12.2 (it might look weird, especially trapdoors and possibly some other blocks). The same goes for the latest update, version 1.8.0 BETA, which was also used with 1.12 (up to 1.12.2, just because someone hasn't updated their mod yet...)

Simply use Minecraft 1.12.2 for v1.8.0 of CYL "City" with the 1.16 version of Greenfield's resource pack, and JUST IGNORE and SKIP the "Are you sure you want to load this resource pack? This resource pack was made for a newer version of Minecraft and may no longer work correctly" warning. IF YOU FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS, EVERYTHING WILL LOOK NORMAL in 1.12.1/1.12.2 (no incorrect textures/missing text) IN TERMS OF THE GREENFIELD 1.16 RESOURCE PACK.

Remember, use Berglisades Park, CYL County v1.8.0 BETA in Minecraft 1.12.2 ONLY with Greenfield 1.16 resource pack, and JUST IGNORE and SKIP the warning.

The reason I provide these special and specific download instructions is that there are one or more mods that I habitually use and that the original creators/publishers currently HAVEN'T updated their mods to at least 1.13 or above. That's the biggest reason why I STILL use 1.12.2.

You may use this map for PRIVATE
purposes. However, If you are using this city in another project OR
OR whatever it is, please credit me. I gave credit to the PMC link of the Greenfield City page, with the texture pack or resource pack associated with Greenfield. So,
please do the same with using my city in another project OR server OR whatever it is.

Version history of Berglisades Park, CYL County (used to be called CYL "City" in all updates before the fourteenth (14th) update)
Inspired by/will be inspired by these two real-life, New Jersey towns, North Bergen in Hudson County AND Palisades Park in Bergen County. Essentially, and especially for the next update, BERGLISADES PARK will be a mix of both NJ towns, as my own version. (See #3 at the bottom)

UNKNOWN VERSION - Update 0 (Started October 2012)v1.4.1 - Update 5 (Released 10/13/2014)
v1.5.1 - Update 10 (Released 8/30/2015)
v1.01 - Update 1 (Released 6/19/2013)v1.4.2 - Update 6 (Released 10/28/2014)
v1.5.5 - Update 11 (Released 1/19/2016)
v1.02 - Update 2 (Released 12/12/2013)
v1.4.3 - Update 7 (Released 12/26/2014)
v1.6.0 - Update 12 (Released 9/6/2016)
v1.03 - Update 3 (Released 2/4/2014)
v1.4.4 - Update 8 (Released 2/23/2015)
v1.6.5 - Update 13 (Released 9/5/2017)
v1.04 - Update 4 (Released 8/2/2014)
v1.5.0 - Update 9 (Released 5/29/2015)v1.8.0 - Update 14 - OUT NOW!! SEE TOP TO FIND DOWNLOAD LINK!
LEGEND: Red = Alpha, Yellow = Beta, Green = Complete Version/Release (at least v2.0.0), Blue = Under Construction/In Development.

Current City Statistics

  • Start date of CYL City (now called "Berglisades Park, CYL County): October 2012.
  • Total number of buildings built, including under-construction buildings: 201.
  • Net increase of # of buildings as of this update, including under construction and replaced buildings: 33.
  • Length and width of CYL City: 1,384 by 845 blocks.
  • Estimated population of CYL City since last update (12/31/2019) = 7,260 (Based on the sum of consecutive positive integers, counting residential buildings ONLY.
  • Approximate block count ≈ 1,606,000.
  • Approximate area in chunks, square miles, and acres, respectively ≈ 2,345 chunks, 0.236727 mi², and 151.5053 acres.

Note: This is an incomplete list, and there may be changes...
CreditTHEJESTR, the Greenfield City Page and its building team for use of their texturepack.
Progress5% complete

21 Update Logs

VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT and the next update: Release #15, v1.8.8 Beta COMING OUT LATER 2021 : 01/14/2021 2:35:41 amJan 14th

(WARNING: VERY long read!!!)

NO NEW DOWNLOADABLE WORLD SAVE FILE, for now, JUST THE SAME ONE WITHOUT ANY URL SHORTENER LINKS (like Adfly, I already removed it) because I've recently seen that PMC doesn't allow selling/commercial use on its site. This is the result of me not logging in to this site as often as I've used to.

The download just leads to MediaFire, that is all.

I have some good and bad news, regarding the next update for this virtual Minecraft town, Release #15, v1.8.8:

Coming later in 2021, but I CANNOT PROMISE ANYTHING! (Life will always throw curveballs at you, no matter what)

First, THE BAD NEWS IS, my original intention was to do the “annual updates thing” with this project, but I had OTHER work and life commitments to take care of, first. So, from my perspective, I’ve FAILED MISERABLY to deliver the next release: Release #15, v1.8.8 Beta, on time, by the end of 2020, because other more important priorities took precedence over. It’s a matter of priorities and balancing EVERYTHING in life.

Since I’ve graduated from college in May 2019 and emigrated/moved from New Jersey to Taiwan, I started working at my first job in August 2020, which is of the restaurant type job, because to get extra cash when necessary. Basically, I’ve started working at a restaurant in Taiwan at 24 years old, to get work experience in life. Aside from my job, I go to see my speech therapist every Wednesday to improve my Chinese communication/speaking skills, since not only Chinese is my second language, but I suffer from speech anxiety and voice hesitation, especially when talking with unfamiliar people. This means WRITING OUT my thoughts beforehand, which in turn, reduces my nervousness when chatting, which is incredibly helpful.

Aside from these two weekly responsibilities, I also have been suffering from eczema and chronic dry skin of the face and neck (since 2015), so EVERY SINGLE DAY I have to moisturize myself, apply medicine, watch what I eat, and take prescription antihistamines just in case my itchiness gets out of control. First, that alone takes a good 30 minutes out of my day, and second, my part-time restaurant job, per se, if you factor in commute time (taking the bus to and from work, 12km (about 7 miles), 45 minutes each way), twice a week, is about 8 hours per week. Third, doing the whole speech therapist thing, which involves writing out my thoughts beforehand, takes a total of about 3 to 4 hours. Not to mention any additional household chores such as laundry, taking out the trash, and washing dishes, which can be incredibly annoying. Aside from eating and sleeping, do the math. It would be AMAZING if I could just focus on ONE thing, AND I MEAN ONE THING ONLY, work on it, work the hell out of it, and NOT juggle a million things at once.

Outside of my job and seeing my speech therapist every Wednesday, since I’m an art major, sometimes I HAVE to paint and make art, just to support myself financially. But I promise my situation ISN’T dire at all, and my restaurant job alone is enough for me to get by, for now. I’ve already taken out AdFly or any similar link shorteners from my PMC project, not only because it’s against the rules (no selling/commercial use), but also because I’ve found it completely USELESS since I’ve actually made more money from my job than I ever have with Minecraft. I'm both passionate about Minecraft AND making art (drawing, painting, photography) but MC is the one I'm most passionate about, but since I'm so darn busy all the time, in order to get a leg up and SUCCEED on my Minecraft project, SLEEP WILL BE THE FIRST THING THAT WILL GO OUT THE WINDOW.

I know, that's kind of bad for me, but there are sacrifices in life.

As if this wasn’t enough, the dreaded COVID-19 OUTBREAK, on top of everything else, especially the fact that my father had passed away in April of 2020, due to the dreaded disease has significantly affected and almost tanked my productivity. That being said, when I run short on time, as a result of other, more important life priorities, I get even more lazy, which isn’t always a good thing.

FINALLY, BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS, not only I STILL HAVE TIME to work on my virtual Minecraft town project, aside from my other life and work responsibilities, but when I already had moved to Taiwan after college, Taiwan, per se, is one of the very few countries to effectively manage and battle the COVID-19 crisis and keep it under control. I’m incredibly fortunate to live and STAY in Taiwan.

Sounds like a struggle, right?
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