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CYL "City" - A Small Suburban Town - Version 1.6.5 - [Early Development Stage] - [Update 13] -- [POSTPONED UNTIL END OF SPRING SEMESTER - 5/15/2019]

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avatar Chiayanglingonzalez
Level 48 : Master Architect
"CYL "City" is currently a really small town with dreams of becoming the BIG city."

Release date for next update for CYL "City" - Version 1.8.0 - [Update 14]: TBA/TBD.
That was a nice long winter break (at least for me!) when I got at least some work done on CYL "City"/"Berglisades Park", in terms of overall growth of the town and new buildings. Sad that Winter Break is already over, but happy to see friends & professors again on campus and excited for my last art classes, for my last semester of undergrad before I get my degree. But, how much work I've got done doesn't even come close (NOWHERE near where I've set my goals for the next update), at least 200 buildings or more. It really SUCKS that I'll have to POSTPONE THIS PROJECT AGAIN UNTIL THE END OF MY SPRING SEMESTER, MAY 15TH, 2019 to focus on academics and studying. But, then I've realized it's my FINAL semester of undergrad and I'll be getting MY BACHELOR'S OF ARTS DEGREE IN STUDIO ARTS AND MY DIPLOMA BEFORE (keyword is before) I'LL RELEASE THE VERY NEXT UPDATE TO CYL CITY.


Right now, at the current 'status' of CYL "City", I realized it's still FAR from being at the stage, or even reaching the stage that it's NO LONGER A SMALL TOWN. "Rome wasn't built in a day". That quote to me means that cities really take time and lots and lots of it, why not cherish my own development of my virtual Minecraft town, especially when it's still in its earliest development stages at the very, very beginning.


Additional info below (click to reveal >>>)

Additional info below (click to reveal >>>)
I just CANNOT believe I have to write this. I FEEL LIKE AND I AM A COMPLETE, TOTAL, AND ABSOLUTE FAILURE WHO FAILED MISERABLY, I KNEW IT SINCE THEN (except for school of course). You know the FEAR of "not (never) being good enough"? I certainly have it, and you will just NEVER fully understand what I'm going through today in my life. Which means, this can be a VERY LONG & complicated story. From my own perspective, I HAVE COMPLETELY FAILED as an artist, and while other people, including friends, colleagues and at least two of my college professors have recognized my success & future potential as an artist, I certainly have NOT. I AM AN ABJECT FAILURE AND I'M A TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE DISASTER. ANYONE CAN DO THIS IF THEY'VE EVEN TRIED, EVEN A FREAKING 5TH GRADER CAN DO THIS, LET ALONE A HIGH-SCHOOL AGE PERSON. ANY-FREAKING-ONE. I really thought CYL "City", after my 4th year of college, would be a big city, and I mean a BIG CITY. I WAS DEAD WRONG. I have never been more DISAPPOINTED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE THAN FROM 2015 TO NOW. THIS IS A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT TO ME, AND I'M NOW CERTAINLY EXTREMELY AND INCREDIBLY DISAPPOINTED. Hell, I even believe I am a SUFFERER of "Imposter Syndrome"! Google that term you like...

I'm 22 now, but I've recently found a random article on the web and I can strongly relate to her: https://thoughtcatalog.com/lauren-jarvis-gibson/2017/04/im-24-but-i-feel-like-im-still-in-high-school/ ...

But, the good news about all of this, even if it'll take VERY LONG time, even if who knows how long, is that I'm working on CYL "City" every day, during Winter & Summer Breaks only, as those are only my available opportunities to work on this project, so that I can finally escape "the abyss of self-disappointment hell" and finally STOP being UNhappy about my work & my self!!!

*** Not required, but VERY HIGHLY recommended resource pack: Greenfield Official Texture Pack 1.12 (see 2. Resource Pack & credit info below). ***

More info on release date for next update for CYL "City"
Additional info below (click to reveal >>>)

But, just do NOT expect it this September. Depends on how I handle my daily routine and habits, and my time management, and how much I build and get done in CYL "City" during Winter and Summer Breaks, with respect to college and the semester calendar.

It's just that I "must" or "have to" (would like to) accomplish A LOT for the 14th update to CYL City, especially in terms of the sheer number of new buildings I "must" or "have to" (would like to) build in CYL City. At least this update about 25 percent done, as of August 2018. This single update WILL be bigger than any one of the previous 13 updates, Version 1.8.0, not only because I will build more buildings for this ONE update, than any one of the previous 13 updates, but because according to CYL City's update history, Version 1.6.0 to Version 1.6.5, Update 12 to Update 13, respectively, was only just EIGHT new buildings built in CYL City, between those two updates. I really expect myself to build at least 36 new buildings for the 14th update to CYL City.

Additional info below (click to reveal >>>)
ONLY on late-December, up to mid-January, early-to-mid May, all of June, July, and August, and 1st week of September, as in ONLY on Winter Break and Summer Break, I am able to make time for building and developing CYL City, because I must focus on my studies at Montclair State University.

I reserve both winter and summer breaks, solely for building CYL City, so that once AND only if either break is in session, I can truly build stuff in CYL City without worrying & stressing about DEADLINES, EXAMS, AND ANYTHING ACADEMIC RELATED.
Deadlines can be a real source of stress in our lives at times!!! This is because I need (and want) to do my best at Montclair State University, especially in the academic sense. Being a young adult in his early 20s, college seems to be of paramount importance and a rite-of-passage.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND how much time I am able to devote to working on CYL City, revolves around the university semester calendar (Hint: ONLY on winter and summer breaks, since those breaks are truly my safest times to work on CYL City!).

But, that's just life. Life is supposed to be tough, sometimes brutally tough. And life is also supposed to either suck or be wonderful, depending on the time of the year.

Resource Pack & credit info

Resource Pack using: Greenfield Official Texture Pack 1.12 (only 1.10 blocks are used).
Shaders using: SEUS 11.0.
Program used to make pics: Chunky rendering software and Photoshop.

CREDITS GIVEN, to the Greenfield City page and its entire building team, with its resource pack home to the largest modern city in Minecraft:

NOTE: Both of the resource pack & shaders pack I currently use are slightly modified versions for ONLY MY PERSONAL USE ! Regular versions listed above.

You may use this map for PRIVATE
purposes. However, If you are using this city in another project OR
OR whatever it is, please credit me. I gave credit to the PMC link of
the Greenfield City page, with the texturepack or resource pack
associated with Greenfield. So,
please do the same with using my city in another project OR server OR whatever it is.

1. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT notice on balancing CYL City with college!4. Future plans for CYL City, being an art major, struggles of college9. Instagram
2. Resource pack & credit info5. Methods I use for building CYL City10. The City Project
3. Release date info6. Balancing Minecraft with college academics as part of adult life11. Current City Statistics

7. Resource Pack Disclaimer12. Connections between CYL City and real life

8. Version History13. Frequently Asked Questions

3. Release date info
Additional info below (click to reveal >>>)
Anticipated release date for next update: Version 1.8.0 - [Update 14]:

TBA/ TBD (release date).
I've checked the university academic calendar for this, since the first day of classes for the Spring 2018 semester is January 16th, therefore I'll update CYL City either on the day before, January 15th, 2018 OR by the end of next summer, which is also before the Fall 2018 semester (starts on September 5th), I'll update it on September 4th OR before the Spring 2019 semester (starts on January 22nd), on January 21st. Three possible update times.

ONLY if I reach my goal, which is the minimum # of buildings, 200, in CYL City, considering that I've built 168 buildings so far to this day, then I have 32 to go. This means that the 14th update will be the largest & most ambitious update, AND larger than ANY ONE of the previous thirteen updates. Like insanely ambitious. It could take a year or more for me to work on this update! Who knows how long it will take!

4. Future plans for CYL City, being an art major, struggles of college
Additional info below (click to reveal >>>)
Being an art major myself, the ways that I express my creativity are NOT limited to Minecraft, which means I also make artwork for my college art classes, in the academic sense. Regardless of this, Minecraft itself and building houses and buildings in CYL City, and anything urban related IS STILL MY PRIMARY WAY TO EXPRESS MY CREATIVITY, in the personal sense.

Me being an adult at the college-age (NOT many Minecraft users around my age, in my opinion) now comes with more responsibility than ever before, even though I am currently majoring in Fine Arts and I can relate my college studies to this Minecraft city project together. College is still the reason why this town is taking drastically longer to grow than I expected, therefore is life supposed to be tough and stressful? Either I'm using ONLY summer/winter break to build CYL City OR doing homework, writing papers AND studying for college, depending on the time of year.

To be honest, at the stage of life of being a college student, and whatever life throws at me, I must balance Minecraft with everything else, depending on the time of year, as education is my top priority. What's unique about this town is that it's remodeled after my town of residence in NJ that I mostly grew up in. FULL-BLOWN INTERIORS and some REAL-LIFE BRANDS can be found in CYL City. It's planned to be built as a major metropolis with landmarks from NEW YORK CITY mixed with my own unique style of building, although that would be an extremely distant goal for me AND CYL City to accomplish. It's like trying to reach the distant stars thousands of light-years away, but can't due to the technology we have. Finally, either art, architecture, or interior design, or anything similar could be my possible future careers, but I CANNOT guarantee anything.

The idea of taking SEMESTER-LONG breaks (about 3½ months) to leave the CYL City project UNTOUCHED is necessary for me to succeed in college. It may seem like that I have absolutely ZERO time for Minecraft, but it's truly just a matter of priorities. PLEASE TRUST ME ON THIS
. I hope you understand this as I am honestly speaking, since I am one of the relatively few people (the minority) who are in college and still "plays" Minecraft, even for building. I am truly sorry to say this, but a lot is expected of me as a young adult. Life can be tough and stressful, and life definitely isn't a walk in the park.

But it doesn't have to be and life is mostly how I control it!

5. Methods I use for building CYL City
Additional info below (click to reveal >>>)
The two announcement paragraphs below explain why it may take a long time for any update (especially development time during school months) to complete, but it may be worth the wait for any future updates! This city is aimed to be one of the most realistic cities in Minecraft AND one of the largest (I hope) although it's still quite tiny now. Emphasis is made on detailing interiors & exteriors of the city and many real brands & franchises are used. Just like SimCity, it makes sense to always start small (I start small) in the sense of building houses and shops FIRST, then apartment buildings/condos and retail stores (like Walmart) SECOND, then FINALLY towering highrises/skyscrapers, hotels, office buildings and landmarks, although NOT limited to those types of buildings. Some Minecraft cities start with skyscrapers, however, I don't commit that move and always start small to be realistic.

However, despite how tiny this town is now (I started in October 2012), this city is aimed to be inspired by New York City and of course HUGE, though it WILL take an INSANE amount of time (IN YEARS). Minecraft is the main medium I use to express my creativity, although I am an artist with great drawing skills! Stay tuned as I will be continuing to develop CYL City slowly as time progresses.....

6. Balancing Minecraft with college academics as part of adult life
Additional info below (click to reveal >>>)
Hello, Minecrafters! I see and acknowledge that some of you might be in school, summer school OR working at this moment. However, I have some news to share. Unlike some to most members of the PlanetMinecraft community or anyone that plays Minecraft in general, I DO NOT just play Minecraft as just playing video games. On the other hand, the state of me developing this town, CYL City, all by myself (you read this correctly) is a lot of hard and dedicated work. When the time is right/appropriate, I am making some sort of small goal, mission or objective to accomplish. It is really the bits and pieces that put each update together, from the revisionary updates to major updates. Sometimes I have fun experimenting with materials, shape, and color (just to name a few art forms) to build CYL City, and I have fun building CYL City in general. Other times, it is hard and tedious work. Although I always believe in high-quality work & I am currently doing that now, in terms of a monthly timeframe.

As you can guess or see here, now since I am 20 years old now, generally I DO NOT have much time to work on my town, CYL City, solely due to the responsibilities as an adult. Meaning ONLY on some months of the year I have the opportunity to work on CYL City, as me taking MONTHS OFF this project to focus on college & get good grades is commonplace and expected. That is why this town is growing slow as hell & I prefer my work to be done my own way. You could guess I had NO TIME AT ALL to work on this town during midterms/finals (or the whole semester) until the end of any semester, in addition to SOME (BUT VERY LIMITED) to ZERO time to work on this city alongside with my studies. Sometimes I must put 100% attention on my studies and put CYL City aside for 4 months. I hate to say it, but life is like that. Tough as it is. Meaning only on winter, spring and summer breaks, and once either semester is FINALLY OVER, I may get straight back to building CYL City in Minecraft. It can be a constant, stressful and exhausting battle between the expected college workload, my studies, deadlines, sleep, and the development of CYL City when I had spare time. Furthermore, I have ended up temporarily postponing development of CYL City when I had to focus as hard as possible on my studies for finals to achieve the grade. Since according to what I have explained above in the "ANNOUNCEMENTS" sections AND the announcement on top of the two previous update logs, expect these long, inactive delays when some of the later updates come as the years of college progress for me. This is why I DO NOT GET why some Minecraft builders have SO MUCH time in their hands. Expect the "dead moments" that WILL occur every December and May of every year, while I try to develop CYL City during my college times. That is just tough life. Finally, you can see here I have a life outside building CYL City all by myself, balancing life generally, and focusing on academics and studies in college when I am NOT vacationing.

7. Resource Pack Disclaimer:
Additional info below (click to reveal >>>)
The screen shots you see above that are showcasing my work of this town currently used the Greenfield Texturepack, NOT Minecraft's default texturepack. Meaning that as a suggestion, this town is BEST seen in its own light with the Greenfield Texturepack. Sure, it may be tempting to explore this town with the default texturepack, but this town may LOOK WEIRD with the default textures. Instead, please download the Greenfield Texturepack alongside with the world save. The Greenfield Texturepack 1.10 is NOT INCLUDED in the CYL City world save file (just the world save itself), instead you may have to manually download it here: Greenfield Texturepack 1.8.1. Scroll down and download it; it just literally takes a minute!

8. Version history of CYL City:
v1.01 - Update 1 (Released 6/19/2013)
v1.4.1 - Update 5 (Released 10/13/2014)v1.5.0 - Update 9 (Released 5/29/2015)
v1.02 - Update 2 (Released 12/12/2013)
v1.4.2 - Update 6 (Released 10/28/2014)v1.5.1 - Update 10 (Released 8/30/2015)
v1.03 - Update 3 (Released 2/04/2014)
v1.4.3 - Update 7 (Released 12/26/2014)v1.5.5 - Update 11 (Released 1/19/2016)
v1.04 - Update 4 (Released 8/02/2014)
v1.4.4 - Update 8 (Released 2/23/2015)v1.6.0 - Update 12 (Released 9/06/2016)
v1.8.0 - Update 14 - COMING SOON - TBA/ TBD

v1.6.5 - Update 13 (Released 9/05/2017)

Additional info below (click to reveal >>>)
To see more pictures of CYL City being built
and developed all by myself, please go to Instagram and use/type the
hashtag 'cylcity' OR click either one of the following links:
http://websta.me/tag/cylcity OR http://ink361.com/app/tag/cylcity

OR to see more pictures of my work (CYL City) on Instagram, you could follow me online at the link: https://instagram.com/chiayang_lin_gonzalez/ OR just open the Instagram app, if you have an account & follow me at: chiayang_lin_gonzalez

(Name is exact as shown)

10. The City Project
Origins of CYL City and Early Development
This is the city I dreamed of building since 2012. It is currently a
small, quaint town. The name of this city comes from my initials. The
construction of this city started in October 2012 when I was the age of
16 ( I am 19 now, and still working on it ).
Some to most buildings
and structures, if NOT all will be furnished. Keep in mind that I've
challenged my self with the aims and goals to build a bustling
metropolis (I know it is still a VERY small town now) which is modern,
realistic, and a full-of-life city that will be, in the future years
from now, look like a metropolis inspired by New York City, containing
many of NYC's famous skyscrapers, with some iconic road and terrain
formations, such as Central Park and Times Square. Hell, it is only
around less than 10% done, and it is getting big
already! It is built with as much detail as possible including minor
details for the aesthetic appearance. And all by my self.
Development of CYL City during my College Times
Once complete, which will take multiple YEARS
to complete this city, this city will span multiple districts of
residential, commercial districts as well as over a thousand individual
buildings built in there. Although it may seem daunting to do that; it
is just one of the things I am passionate about and do on my free time.
As well as I keep count of every building I place, build, and finish. In
addition, I do NOT always have time to build in Minecraft. Meaning
that, since I am a student at Montclair State University with a Computer Science Major,
I could be really busy these first few semesters. Depending on the workload
and how much I have to study; all that can affect how quickly I
can develop my city. It also depends on my time management skills and
my motivation.
The Challenging Aspects of the Development of CYL City
Doing the interiors, or interiorizing every single building may seem an
unrealistic job for a single person, like me. Because I've known and
seen other cities in Minecraft done by multiple people as a team, where as I'm building the city of my dreams as ONE
person. Solo work on this city is part of the challenge. Interiorizing
every single building is unrealistic in several ways because there are
some vacant buildings all over the world, especially China (Yes, I
researched that), can make the work inhumane, and we need to balance
sleep, chores, work, and Minecraft. That is just life.

Once this
city gets big enough in terms of size, popularity, and view count, I
will create a Facebook page, a blog/personal website, and maybe a Youtube channel to showcase my art work!

Current City Statistics

  • Start date of CYL City: October 2012.
  • Number of buildings built, including under construction buildings: 168.
  • Net increase of # of buildings as of this update, including under construction and replaced buildings: 7.
  • Length and width of CYL City: 1,384 by 845 blocks.
  • Estimated population of CYL City since last update (9/5/2017) ≈ 14,196 (true resident/local population), temporarily going up to about 43,100 every summer as of this update (I made this up & this is just what I think). I THINK THIS TOWN DOESN'T EVEN HAVE 20,000 PEOPLE YET.....
  • Approximate block count ≈ 1,606,000.
  • Approximate area in chunks, square miles, and acres, respectively ≈ 2,345 chunks, 0.236727 mi², and 151.5053 acres.

12. The Connections between this city and real life
Development of CYL City and other Minecraft Projects
First off, this city is NOT the only project I ever did in Minecraft. As
you may have noticed, this city was NOT updated for six months, because
I was working on another project, that was completed late June. In
terms of that, I've actually re-created my real life high school before
graduating from that high school. Here is the project page to it: North Bergen High School 1:1 scale replica. It is actually a replica of the HS I've graduated from, before moving to college.
The connection between CYL City (imaginary) and another Minecraft Project created from "real life"
This city is totally based on my imagination, where as the HS replica is
something from real life. In CYL City, that I'm currently working on, I
can just place blocks and use my imagination to build a realistic,
full-of-live, modern city. On the other hand, it was one big challenge
to replicate the HS that I've graduated from already, since that was NOT
my own design. In other words, I had to think often when placing
blocks, do mental math, measurements, and push myself to the limits to
replicate the HS from real life. Not the case when I build CYL City,
which is based on my imagination. Two of the biggest reasons why I've
re-created that HS is because to show school pride and once I get to
college, then that HS would somewhat remind me of home.
News about the creation of real-life structure (NBHS) AND CYL City, and its potential future
Since I've completed the HS replica (link above), I am currently working
on CYL City during the Summer of 2014 and my college times. I am
currently a Computer Science Major at Montclair State University. How
the creation of CYL City and Minecraft itself relate to my major? Well,
Minecraft itself the creation of CYL City would be somewhat the artistic
and graphical aspect of my CS major. As mentioned earlier on this page,
I said I will create a Facebook page, and a
blog/website for this city. It is highly likely I will learn how to
create websites in college with HTML, and perhaps create a blog for this
city using the HTML programming skills I will learn in college!!
A balance of college life and Development of CYL City
UPDATE and EDIT: Lastly and in addition, since
I've started college for the fall semester of September 2014, this
applies to the fall semester and the next couple to a few semesters. How
often I update my city/this project depends on various factors. The
amount of workload I get from college, my studies, stress, motivation
can all affect how much and how often I work on CYL City. There are days
where I do NOT get on Minecraft at all, due to, for example, writing
papers and studying for finals. I may even get weekends ONLY as pretty
much my freetime to work on CYL City in Minecraft, since the weekdays is
a work-and-study week. That is just college life for me. Despite of the
college workload, I will try my HARDEST to update this city
periodically, AND from time-to-time as well as increase the city size
and building count/diversity. Therefore, don't worry.

13. Frequently Asked Questions (click questions to reveal answers)
1. What texture pack or resource pack is used for the construction of CYL City? (click to reveal >>>)
Currently the Greenfield Texturepack 1.8.1 is used for building CYL City. Although it is NOT the exactly the Greenfield texturepack, I right now use a modified version (modified water, circular sun and moon, and Milky Way sky) for MY PERSONAL USE ONLY. You'll have to go to the Greenfield City download page and manually download the pack to see my town in its best light.
2. About how much of CYL City is done as of right now? Will it ever get completed? (click to reveal >>>)
As of right now, according to this CYL City download page (the only one), the progress bar showing how much progress is done on a Minecraft project, according to PlanetMinecraft.com, used to be around five percent. Now, I realized, that over 150 buildings are built in this suburban town, that this city is less than 5% done, showing 0% done on the progress bar. However, that progress bar is actually inaccurate. Since, it is roughly like 1-2% done, I am taking the challenge of turning this small town into a bustling metropolis inspired by New York City, containing THOUSANDS of buildings years from now. I know I may sound insane, but this is a challenge I am willing to take by myself, instead of a group of builders, like a server. This may take MULTIPLE YEARS to complete, and I mean multiple years to complete, maybe my whole life (since cities almost NEVER stop growing); maybe NOT my whole life; it will take an IMMENSE amount of time to complete. I just prefer to build and have things done in my own way.
3. Do you plan to run a server for CYL City in the future? In the meantime? (click to reveal >>>)
A. OK, there are quite several major reasons I would NOT host and run a server and rather build CYL City all by myself in single player. Unlike the Greenfield City server, which is run by up to 16 people, you have to realize and understand hosting AND running a Minecraft server actually costs money. Then where is that money going to go and who is going to pay for running the server? I would NOT even go there, since I am only a college sophomore AND since I DO NOT work yet.

B. The other major reasons I would NOT even host a Minecraft server is because the way my schedule is set up on a yearly basis. You could see that I go to college at Montclair State for a Bachelor of Arts Computer Science degree, while being only as a sophomore as of Fall 2015. NO TIME FOR MINECRAFT DURING FALL & SPRING COLLEGE SEMESTERS!!! Sorry for the yelling, but I mean very limited time (almost no time) for Minecraft outside of study, and you need to understand this kind of schedule I am having. Currently I am using this summer (Summer of 2015) to develop CYL City even further. Finally I will have to use & salvage my time WISELY in the upcomming years, since you also know I will have to work anyways to pay for college. It is just tough life man.
4. Do you have your own website or blog to showcase CYL City? (click to reveal >>>)
Currently, no. I DO NOT have my own personal anything, whether it is a blog, which I may plan to design in the future (within the next four years), nor I have AND know how to code & make a website to showcase my work on CYL City. You may acknowledge that I may choose to design a personal blog/website for myself to showcase my work, but currently, I would wait until at least a year or so later, since I feel like my virtual Minecraft CYL City is still really, really small now. Like suburban small. Similarly, I may plan to register for the official Minecraft Forum to showcase my work, create a Facebook page (If Facebook will be around by 2025), AND Youtube video my work. All of that is off my list, since how tiny is CYL City currently is, AND it is STILL a very early development stage, even after almost 3 years! This is some kind of insane feat/challenge I am willing to take.
5. Finally, you as the architect of CYL City, are you similar to the architect of Titan City? (click to reveal >>>)
OK, now we are beginning to see some sort of pattern here. Well, schedule-wise, myself as the builder of CYL City (A small suburban town), as I build it by myself over time, is similar to how the builder, Duncan Parcels (ColonialPuppet) builds his NYC-inspired Titan City in two years. You can find his work here: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/modern-city-megabuild---titan-city/. You may acknowledge, according to what I read about Titan City on the comment section of the YouTube video and various websites showing & advertising the works of Titan City, that he spends approximate five hours per week during his college times over an accumulated period of two years.

However, the case of Minecraft city building with me, is my schedule is roughly similar to him (the builder of Titan City), that I ONLY get to build sometimes, AND NOT A LOT, due to studying in college. Both me and him are juggling the expected college workload, studies, Minecraft as a hobby/2nd life, and other obstacles life throws at us. You see here that the builder of Titan City takes about five hours a week over an accumulated peroid of two years during college, to build his Titan City. However, how many hours of Minecraft I build CYL City with, greatly varies, due to whether I am college or enjoying summer vacation, time constraints or loads of free time, and whatever life throws at us. For me, it can be ANYWHERE from just none (zero) to 14 hours a week (highest so far) for development of CYL City.

Note: This is an incomplete list, and there may be changes...
CreditTHEJESTR, the Greenfield City Page and its building team for use of their texturepack.
Progress5% complete

18 Update Logs

Version 1.6.5 IS RELEASED TODAY! (September 5th, 2017) WARNING: LONG UPDATE LOG! : 09/05/2017 5:47:01 pmSep 5th, 2017


1. Number of buildings: 168.

2. Approximate block count: 1,606,000.

3. This virtual town I’ve constructed, CYL City, may appear as a fairly large town in Minecraft alone, but its actual size (land mass) completely pales in comparison to NEW YORK CITY. It’s just CYL City’s seemingly relative smallness when compared to NYC, CYL City would be an extremely small, obscure town in the middle of nowhere that only a few people know, if CYL City was a town built in real life... NYC holds a population of about 8.6 million, or a metro population of about 20 million to 24 million……... That’s crazy to me. I may be using harsh words, but honestly, this is just what I think from my perspective, as this is entirely subjective.

4. In fact, if CYL City was built in real life, it would be about the same size of Guttenberg, NJ, according to land mass. About a quarter of a square mile!

5. What do I think the population of CYL City is, in my perspective? A measly resident or local population of about 14,196 (I THINK THIS TOWN DOESN'T EVEN HAVE 20,000 PEOPLE YET.....), with the total population temporarily growing to about 43,100 (view count for this project) every summer, including tourists. AGAIN, THIS SUBJECTIVE THING IS ONLY WHAT I THINK AND ONLY FROM MY PERSPECTIVE! I know I’m a skilled & talented builder, but I consider myself a humble person, as I would NOT brag about it like a show-off. What you see is what you get!

6. IMPORTANT! As of the 13th UPDATE released this afternoon, on September 5th, I have to release (I would like to release) this update today because tomorrow, on September 6th, tomorrow is the first day of classes for me. As said before, college is serious business and the semester is reserved for full-time academic work and studying. I have used my summer of 2017 to try my best to do what I can and what I’m capable of for this update.

7. Meaning I can say I have been working kind of diligently on this for the summer, but honestly, there is NOTHING more important than my health. I am both equally excited to release the 13th update today AND to go back to school tomorrow!

8. And you could guess by the length of this update log, this update is and will be one of the largest (and most ambitious) updates so far in the series. Phew!


9. Built a new 4-story apartment building, with a boutique clothes store at the ground level.

10. Built a new boutique 2-story condo with some underground apartments behind the BP gas station.

11. Built a new 4-story multi-purpose (mixed use) building that has a lobby with a cafeteria and outdoor seating on the 1st floor, offices on the 2nd floor, with dorm-style (“hostel”) apartments on the 3rd floor, complete with underground parking.

12. Built a new track and field (running track) behind the 4-story multi-purpose building.

13. Built two new large, suburban houses with swimming pools and barbecues in both backyards.

14. Built a new 3-story, 18-unit apartment building with outdoor multi-story parking with road ramps connecting parking lots together from ground level to 2nd floor.

15. Built a new modern, Chinese restaurant with studio apartments above, near the CYL City sign.

16. Built a new locker room wing as a new addition to the town’s 1st and old fitness center (gym).


17. Added or placed custom letter and text banners on all stores and restaurants to label all brand stores and restaurants in CYL City. For example, if you visit the Dunkin’ Donuts in CYL City, you will actually see DUNKIN DONUTS spelled out with custom banners. Same goes for other stores and restaurants.

18. Added or placed custom heads from online Minecraft head databases from the Internet in many stores and restaurants. For example, if you visit any restaurant in CYL City, you will see custom heads places on tables or counters that are textured to look like food.

19. Modified the facade of the “MARKET” building to its original with turquoise tinted windows.

20. Updated the Edison Park Fast parking lift or automotive parking elevators to include more parking lots and with a new theme and design, and with cars inside.

21. Re-categorized the block types and their categories to include the new Minecraft 1.9-1.10 blocks inside the “Blockitect” store. This store has most Minecraft blocks and items!

22. Modified the roof, the fake giant coffee cup, and the façade of the new Dunkin’ Donuts in CYL City.

23. Updated interiors of the old Dunkin’ Donuts in town.

24. Replaced both legs of the Apple MacBook and neon Coca Cola billboard (gray wool --> gray stained clay) to fireproof them.

25. Added or built more jail cells and police cars, a new fence design and a new façade with a modern design to the town’s police precinct (police station). I plan to build a 2nd new, larger police station in CYL City, sometime in the future, since I’ve researched what’s really inside them.

26. Re-paved the sidewalks of avenues and 4-lane roads so that all of them follow a certain pattern.

27. Replaced the right-angle (90 degrees) sidewalk corners with curved corners.

28. Changed or replaced the tops and bottoms of traffic lights, so that all traffic lights are surrounded by trapdoors on all sides except the side where the lights are. This is supposed to mimic a traffic light’s golden paint coating, like from real life.

29. Change the tree bases to cobble stone pavement surrounded by iron trapdoor and replaced the tree brick boxes with a new design.

30. Modified the town’s welcome sign built on top of the Route 20 highway with neon lights, as in a different color for each letter in CYL CITY.

31. Added a new network of roads with parking lots parallel to the curb, with an underground tunnel going under Route 20. These new streets lay the foundations and infrastructure for new buildings built and to be built in CYL City.

32. As always, added more cars and parking lots with cars (as part of the new buildings for this update), and more trees and greenery. A city can never have enough parking!


33. Fixed a bug where shower fixtures were missing on the wall in one of the houses near Union Lake.

34. Fixed another bug where several lightning bolts created a few holes in the ground (street) found outside, in a few random places in CYL City, and for several partially-burnt trees. Use /gamerule doFireTick AND /gamerule doFireSpread to prevent your Minecraft creations from burning.

35. Fixed another bug where one of the town’s bus station stops wasn’t following the uniformity pattern of having a transparent skylight on the roof of each bus station stop

36. Fixed another bug where one of the windows on the newer ice cream parlor were not matching the appearance of the rest of the windows at the ice cream parlor.

37. Fixed another bug where the arrays of windows and the pattern for each window may have been misaligned on the ‘Lab’ building (public computer lab with art studio above).

38. Fixed another bug where a single block of white wool was missing on the orange-and-white striped canopy near the Italian Pizzeria, as part of a modern condo.

39. Fixed another bug where the bug was a placement/justification bug was to move the bus station stop, so it will align correctly at the front of the ‘Lab’ building.

40. Fixed many more bugs that I could NOT think of, and haven’t found yet in CYL City.

41. Added yellow and black with gray cog construction flags (banners) on streetlights in the outskirts of town.

42. Improved the window blind, shade and curtain system and added new window blinds, shades and curtains where necessary on both old and new buildings.

43. Extended the elevated train tracks.

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