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(VERY ˢᵐᵃˡˡ town of.....) Berglisades Park, CYL County v1.9.0 BETA. - [EARLY dev. stage] - [Release #15]. OUT NOW - June 30th, 2021.

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💥Welcome to Berglisades Park, CYL County!💥

to the Greenfield City page and its entire building team, with its resource pack home to one of the largest modern cities in Minecraft:

(Resource Pack for 1.12.2 is already included as part of the download folder's contents. I SUPER recommended you pair this resource pack with the town you'll be taking your time exploring, otherwise, it'll look fairly weird with the default textures)

VERY ˢᵐᵃˡˡ... = anything less than 20,000 <-- I AM CURRENTLY HERE
REALLY small ≈ 20,001 to 20,999
Somewhat small ≈ 21k to 40k
Medium-sized (decent sized) ≈ 40,001 to about 50k
Large town!!! = ranging from 50,001 to the 60k to 70k range, with AT LEAST 650 buildings (300 commercial and 350 residential) just like Bergenline Ave. of North Bergen, NJ of Hudson County (you can Google "Bergenline Ave")

Estimated population (according to the "sum of positive consecutive integers formula" counting residential buildings ONLY): 10.5k
Approx. block count: 2,327,270 (counted using McEdit Unified's selection and analyze tools)
Total number of buildings in town: 227, including 3 under construction
(Rectangular) length and width of entire town: 1.149 x 1.538 km (1149 x 1538 blocks)


The name "Berglisades Park", which I've made up, is a portmanteau of two real-life towns (IRL) in New Jersey: North Bergen in Hudson County and Palisades Park in Bergen County. Both towns are super close to NYC, in fact, just about the opposite side of the Hudson River, which is based on where I've grown up and where I've gone to school (except college) before moving to Taiwan. Here's my attempt at creating MY own version of my childhood town, albeit on a MUCH SMALLER scale, with a mini version of "Bergenline Ave", lined up with shops, restaurants, with other commercial buildings.

I've started this solo project during my Junior Year of high school and I get my ideas from walking around town and Google StreetView (NO replica buildings, just visually similar builds), but unfortunately, there are still lots of old buildings (poor build quality) that I HAVE to rebuild and/or renovate, like large swathes of the town. This project is STILL in a BETA/a very early development stage, so that's why most of the pictures above are grayscale/black and white. Just like how cameras took pictures during the olden days. Especially since it's truly ONLY ME working on this project at any one time (that's why it's also called a "SOLO PROJECT").

Saying this town is "small" is just an understatement. Less than ONE square mile in size, it's STILL a VERY very small town, saying it's small just doesn't do it justice unless you explore it in-game, even after all these years, even if I started feeling that this is a "small town" since 2015!! It's quite CLEAR that I have an incredibly long way to go before I simply feel satisfied with my work. Obviously, the bigger the better.

It certainly WASN'T easy (and it'll never be) balancing this Minecraft project with other life and work commitments and responsibilities, but thanks for waiting! While working (building) on this town project, sometimes my occasional to semi-frequent allergies and eczema/chronic-dry skin outbreaks do flareup, let alone that everyone, including myself, sometimes HAVE to stop whatever I'm doing to take breaks from time to time, especially since it's a basic, biological REQUIREMENT THAT EVERYONE HAS TO FIND TIME TO EAT AND SLEEP. Even during this COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown crisis.

Keep in mind that I'm only one guy doing this.

Even though I dream (a dream is just a dream) of becoming an architect SOMEDAY in the not-so-near future, if at all; I've just realized that a US college bachelor's degree in architecture is a FIVE-YEAR program, not 4 years. And in New Jersey, you need to pass a licensing exam AFTER earning the architecture degree. Well, a young man like me can only dream for now, especially that I've already MOVED to Taiwan in June 2019. Oh, and the advanced math, like CALCULUS, associated with architecture is VERY OFF-PUTTING to me, so I can FORGET about studying architecture for now, and just balance Minecraft with my new post-college grad RESTAURANT JOB in Taiwan, for now.

That's why if you see "Grandmaster Architect" under my name, I'm NOT really an architect, in the definition and practical senses of the word (math ISN'T my strongest point and I don't know ANY form of calculus), but I guess you could call me "virtual architect" OR "Minecraft architect".

Meaning this is only the 14th release as of now, so releases 14 and 15, and so on, and so forth might be BETA releases.

Why is it called "Berglisades Park, CYL County"? Hint: it's based on the real-life towns of where I grew up BEFORE graduating college and moving to my birth & native country of Taiwan.
As my virtual Minecraft town is currently called Berglisades Park, CYL County (the NEW and latter name for this town, and will be for future and subsequent updates), it used to be called CYL "City" (OLD and former name before Update #14), I'm BOTH inspired by the two real-life towns AND this Minecraft town is based on BOTH North Bergen, New Jersey, in Hudson County and Palisades Park, NJ, in Bergen County. Just in case if you suck at geography, both NJ towns are very close to New York City, Jersey City, Hoboken, AND Manhattan. BUT IT'S ACTUALLY NOT NEW YORK CITY, JUST THOSE TWO MODEST-SIZED NJ TOWNS NEAR NYC, WHICH OBVIOUSLY AREN'T SUPER FAMOUS, ESPECIALLY WORLDWIDE.

The name of this town I've made up is basically a blended "portmanteau" of the names of these two real-life towns, minus the "North" part, highlighted in purple. "CYL" is just my initials if you wanted to know.

I currently get my inspiration from what I see on Google Earth/Google Maps for those north-eastern NJ towns, and I've USED TO walk and take car rides around town to brainstorm ideas of what I generally build, but I just DON'T do the walking and car-riding part ANYMORE because I've already MOVED to my birth and native country of Taiwan.


If you see the above text inside the 1st image about which texture/resource pack to use and which Minecraft version to pair it with and about SKIPPING a warning, its because of some mod conflicts (INcompatible with 1.13 or above).

This means it's ONLY compatible with Java 1.12 to 1.12.2
because I've found at least THREE (3) mods that I currently use and the creators of the mods ONLY support them up to 1.12.2. That means I'm not even THINKING about using 1.13 or above until the aforementioned creators update their mods. Those three (3) mods are Fancy Block Particles, Time HUD, and ColorUtility. I know you three (3) modders may have other life commitments, but please UPDATE your darn MODS already!!! Preferably to 1.16 though.

One of the links I've provided above goes to the "Greenfield City" project/download page, and I've linked the FIRST link to my "Berglisades Park, CYL County" page here, as a way of crediting the Greenfield builder team in order to be permitted to use someone else's texture/resource pack in MY build, since I'm also ONLY a builder as well, NOT a texture/resource pack designer.


*** RESOURCE PACK and IMAGE info - REMEMBER to download and use Greenfield's resource pack !! ***

Resource Pack using: Greenfield Official Texture Pack 1.13 (SCROLL DOWN to see SPECIAL and SPECIFIC download instructions in RED TEXT) !!!!!

Shaders in the pics: SEUS Renewed 1.0.0.
Programs used to make pics: Minecraft, obviously.

*** NOTE:
I'm the ORIGINAL creator/developer of this Berglisades Park, CYL County map, ever since October 2012 ***

***SPECIAL and SPECIFIC download instructions ***

For the current version of Berglisades Park, CYL County (v1.8.0 beta), DO NOT USE version 1.13 or above, EVEN if you use Greenfield's LATEST 1.16 resource pack because the previous version of CYL "City" was built using 1.12.1 back in September 2017, and it's only compatible with 1.12.1 and 1.12.2 (it might look weird, especially trapdoors and possibly some other blocks). The same goes for the latest update, version 1.8.0 BETA, which was also used with 1.12 (up to 1.12.2, just because someone hasn't updated their mod yet...)

Simply use Minecraft 1.12.2 for v1.8.0 of CYL "City" with the 1.16 version of Greenfield's resource pack, and JUST IGNORE and SKIP the "Are you sure you want to load this resource pack? This resource pack was made for a newer version of Minecraft and may no longer work correctly" warning. IF YOU FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS, EVERYTHING WILL LOOK NORMAL in 1.12.1/1.12.2 (no incorrect textures/missing text) IN TERMS OF THE GREENFIELD 1.16 RESOURCE PACK.

Remember, use Berglisades Park, CYL County v1.8.0 BETA in Minecraft 1.12.2 ONLY with Greenfield 1.16 resource pack, and JUST IGNORE and SKIP the warning.

The reason I provide these special and specific download instructions is that there are one or more mods that I habitually use and that the original creators/publishers currently HAVEN'T updated their mods to at least 1.13 or above. That's the biggest reason why I STILL use 1.12.2.

You may use this map for PRIVATE
purposes. However, If you are using this city in another project OR
OR whatever it is, please credit me. I gave credit to the PMC link of the Greenfield City page, with the texture pack or resource pack associated with Greenfield. So,
please do the same with using my city in another project OR server OR whatever it is.

Version history of Berglisades Park, CYL County (used to be called CYL "City" in all updates before the fourteenth (14th) update)
Inspired by/will be inspired by these two real-life, New Jersey towns, North Bergen in Hudson County AND Palisades Park in Bergen County. Essentially, and especially for the next update, BERGLISADES PARK will be a mix of both NJ towns, as my own version. (See #3 at the bottom)

UNKNOWN VERSION - Update 0 (Started October 2012)v1.4.1 - Update 5 (Released 10/13/2014)
v1.5.1 - Update 10 (Released 8/30/2015)
v1.01 - Update 1 (Released 6/19/2013)v1.4.2 - Update 6 (Released 10/28/2014)
v1.5.5 - Update 11 (Released 1/19/2016)
v1.02 - Update 2 (Released 12/12/2013)
v1.4.3 - Update 7 (Released 12/26/2014)
v1.6.0 - Update 12 (Released 9/6/2016)
v1.03 - Update 3 (Released 2/4/2014)
v1.4.4 - Update 8 (Released 2/23/2015)
v1.6.5 - Update 13 (Released 9/5/2017)
v1.04 - Update 4 (Released 8/2/2014)
v1.5.0 - Update 9 (Released 5/29/2015)v1.8.0 - Update 14 - OUT NOW!! SEE TOP TO FIND DOWNLOAD LINK!
LEGEND: Red = Alpha, Yellow = Beta, Green = Complete Version/Release (at least v2.0.0), Blue = Under Construction/In Development.

Current City Statistics

  • Start date of CYL City (now called "Berglisades Park, CYL County): October 2012.
  • Total number of buildings built, including under-construction buildings: 201.
  • Net increase of # of buildings as of this update, including under construction and replaced buildings: 33.
  • Length and width of CYL City: 1,384 by 845 blocks.
  • Estimated population of CYL City since last update (12/31/2019) = 7,260 (Based on the sum of consecutive positive integers, counting residential buildings ONLY.
  • Approximate block count ≈ 1,606,000.
  • Approximate area in chunks, square miles, and acres, respectively ≈ 2,345 chunks, 0.236727 mi², and 151.5053 acres.

Note: This is an incomplete list, and there may be changes...
CreditTHEJESTR, the Greenfield City Page and its building team for use of their texturepack.
Progress5% complete

23 Update Logs

So sorry for the VERY LATE Update, but Release #15 -- v1.9.0 is FINALLY OUT NOW !! : by Chiayang0427 06/29/2021 10:49:33 pmJun 29th, 2021

I truly apologize for the LATE RELEASE, as I've originally planned to release it on Friday, June 25th, but according to other circumstances and life commitments and responsibilities, I've ended up delaying/postponing this update 5 days late(r) than originally planned (which is extremely late, from my perspective).

Aside from Taiwan's "soft lockdown", which means a voluntary lockdown (which is basically a "Level 3" alert, meaning you COULD go out, but wearing masks outside of the home is mandatory), which is a single level lower than "Level 4", which is a strict lockdown (highest warning level))), during pandemic times, helped me to focus more on my Minecraft town project, but lately, I've realized in preparation for this very update (the 15th release), it actually took MORE work than expected, especially for one person doing all this work. Even writing the actual changelog as a WORD DOCUMENT took longer than I've also expected.

In terms of other life commitments and responsibilities, unfortunately, my seasonal and household dust (dust mites) allergies suddenly flared up in addition to my chronic dry skin problems, and I had to find the time to EAT and SLEEP regularly since that is a basic, biological requirement for everyone. CAN'T function well without your health.

In reference to the 2nd paragraph, the actual changelog is WAY TOO LONG (19 pages and about 150 items!!; like extremely and incredibly long) to write here on the PlanetMinecraft site itself, so I just HAD to write it on a separate Word Doc (Google Docs link below):

(Google Docs changelog) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fH4iiwWV1B-K-2mNjy2spmme4zv-aIU4/view?usp=sharing
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