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Dayz Inspired Zombie Apocalypse Survival Map Uryū A Massive Open World!

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2epicpanda's Avatar 2epicpanda
Level 42 : Master Cake
Hi I have been working together with a few other people for a about a month now (on and off development, not as dedicated as i should be) and we are trying to create a landscape similar to Dayz, the Successful Mod for Arma II. It's going to be set in a fictional Russian Province called Urya.

About 70% finished now we plan to release by late December. It's starting to look good, a lot is unfinished, however i would like to hear what the community thinks of this so far, which initially we would do a kind of SOI YouTube series before releasing the Map to the public.
Current Features:
5000x5000 blocks wide.
To date there are 10 Towns and Villages, 2 Cities, 1 Airfield, 2 castles (ruins), 1 Military base and a whole lot more to be added.
And Before you ask, no i haven't given the whole maps schematic away, its only a sample of one of the villages :P Bepatient, and eventually it will be released!

oh yeah i almost forgot to sayI'mnot uploading it half finished, and even when its finished i wont consider uploading it to Planet Minecraft until i've finished my Own Survival Series.

Progress70% complete

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11/02/2013 8:28 am
Level 25 : Expert Geek
H4craftminecraft's Avatar
this is very well done but I made o o all the projects alone is all that is hard enough, but it is far better I think, I advice to allall alone even if it is long, you will be better appreciated.

in diamand I talk :)

This allows you to improve yourself and continue on a good voice, good luck.
11/02/2013 8:36 am
Level 42 : Master Cake
2epicpanda's Avatar
Thanks man for the feedback, December is only really a estimation really, but eventually it will be done. And when i say im having people help me, for the last 2 weeks its been myself anyway, they kinda have been busy, but i got 3 town done so thats ok :)
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