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DBZ adventure map!

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Level 25 : Expert Architect
NOTICE: YAY new download link up , if you like the map so far give it a fav or if your feeling generous today give a diamond if you want! so once again this is dedicated to KaggyFilms on youtube for his great love for anime especially Dragon Ball z and he deserves a present for all his videos and his love towards anime , i hope u like it! and may Goku be with you all!

Update 2!!: ok now im working on the other world and leaving real world for a rest , i will update the download soon so yeah plz be patient , thnx guys!

NOTICE: sorry i havent updated for ages but i just came back from the carnival spirit cruise ! very relaxing indeed i needed it =3 so i shall get started on it, also um ... i kinda axidentley deleted the knew world of the map so i need to update it AGAIN ! but i am trying my best. also that you all for the downloads and views much appreciation from me <3 CIA !!

Update 1!!: Ok im working on shenron , be patient plz! enyways more photos i took! XD lol the close up on the sand piller DX shenrons head didnt generate probley (third last pic) , but u can have a look at him in game XP too look around download if you want!

Update 0!!: Only done up to chi chis house to kami house but its pretty good , dedicated to Kaggy films on youtube!! also working on texture pack only uplaoding that untill im finished!

Progress: 30% Complete

the wait : 03/29/2013 4:18:31 am3/29/13

for every one waiting for a update for a few months now, im sorry... but i did get a mediafire account and has uploaded the MC world file to it and the link will be some where on the page, probley were the favourite things are :P also have a good easter!

Update #1 : 01/18/2013 5:53:11 am1/18/13

shenron and more pics >w<

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Do you have the cords for the places?
(I got lost :I )
Awesome, keep up the good work!

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