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  De Nuke is my favourite map from Counter Strike, so I decided to built it in Minecraft!
The playable area (playable in CS:GO) is 100% complete, you can download a flan's mod or something like that and have fun with your friends!

I spent around 40+ hours in CS:GO building it, my goal was to create the most "real" copy.
Everything is in proper scale and it was pretty hard to do, because in Minecraft, well, wall must have at least one meter (one block) and in CS:GO there's no such limitation. Anyway, it's looking pretty good for me.

The map itself is pretty big and I think it's the biggest copy of this map in Minecraft. I used a maps to create my own textures, but they can cause a lot of lags, so if the map is unplayable, try killing all the item frames with "/kill @e[​type=minecraft:item_frame]" command, but note that there are a lot of details based on itemframes.

There are some details that I didn't complete yet (skybox area; west, south and north looking from CT Spawn), but this area is very far away and its lack is not so obvious.

The map is on x: 1111 and z: 1111 coordinates so you can find it, if Minecraft teleported you far away from map for some reason.
The whole map is done from scratch alone by me. I started building it in first days of August and I finished it in November.

In my opinion the map is great for Shooter servers or some sort of Hide'n'seek servers. Of course there are some tweaks that you have to do before adding it on server (places that you can stuck in, for example pipes near the Silo). I can do this tweaks for ya, just PM me!

Notice that I included a custom resourcepack in ZIP file (this resourcepack isn't very massive, it has around 90kb / 20 images).
Yeah, I don't like a maps where custom resourcepacks are needed, but in this case its must be. Otherwise, the "map textures" on the windows would kill your computer.

Anyway, the map is free for everyone, but please, make a sign crediting me on the CT & T Spawn if you want to share it on you server.

If you have any suggestions, opinions or reports about missing details on map, please write in comments!

Hope you like it!

Version 1.01 (8.02.2020):
I noticed that I was building it on low details, so I switched back to high and built missing parts.
- Added fences on top of some buildings
- Added more forklifts on the map
- Added cars on parking behind the T spawn
- Added more crates near the "Water pumps" area
- Added lamps in Ramproom
- Included the resourcepack in ZIP file, because map-based textures on windows were making so many fps-drops
- Abandoned the 1.12.2 version of map, now supported version is 1.14.4.

Progress100% complete

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