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The Zelenarussian Federation

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HoodRussian13 avatar HoodRussian13
Level 30 : Artisan Warrior
Map version is: 1.8.7
VERSION IS 1.20 Java

Download size seems to be around 2.10 GB. which seems like a lot but it's a big map with a lot going on:) I am working on compressing the size.

Developed area is around 35 sq. KM, so far.
If you are new to the map, trains are great and quick way to get around.(However mainly limited to the North-South direction. Other lines are in the works.) All else fails the roads are there!

Welcome to Zelenarus. This project presents a fictional post-soviet state, turned presidential federation in the style of Russia, somewhere along the Baltic Sea. It has a rich history that spans from ancient times and carries on into the 21st century. Discover and live as you wish, for there is much to see. Districts and towns, or villages and farms and the land between, all open to explore, with their own histories and secrets to find. (A brief written history can be found in the government center (the big white building in Gorod Reka, and a more detailed history can be found at the national history museum on the west side of the city, along with the many ruins scattered around the country.)
Zelenarus has become allies with the Nemesian Socialist Republic http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-nemesian-socialist-republic-east-nemesia-pocket-edition/ , working to provide technology and culture and share it.
Any map creators are welcome to share a part of this, I will build an embassy to share your work if you like what you see. The more the merrier!

An intricate system of business and enterprise that attempts to pave the way for modern Eastern European industry, all the while preserving it's past above and below ground, creates a city that strives to grow into the future. With Highway 90 providing a major thoroughfare, the Garden Ring providing a highway in a city, and an efficient Metro connecting all the districts, it has become the largest city in Zelenarus. This is the capital city, the melting pot, the world meets here in the ports and in the streets. Money, material, and fun, it has it all in the scenic backdrop of a post-soviet state in a unique landscape as illict goods and everyday travel meet above and below ground in a sprawling cityscape. (updates pending)

Nestled in the hills of the arcadia district, this village prides itself in community with local business providing national services. Remaining relatively undamaged from the wars it has witnessed, this small village gives a cozy atmosphere in a unique setting. (updates pending)

The growing Capital for the Arcadia District, it retains its small town charm in a "little big city" setting.
Obscure, specialized shops and culture make up a unique community as well as the home of of the famed Acacia Tree Restaurant. With rivers, mountains, and lakes all in the surrounding area, it has become the outdoor recreation capital of the country, and it continues to grow, with expansions to Highway 21 providing more opportunity. (updates pending)

A small town nestled at the foothills of the Kanjeli Peak, it forms a small self-sufficient community on the edge of the Arcadia district. Main features are scenic views, a village feel, and a place to stop and rest before Pusta on the way into the Arcadia District.

Pobedny Gorod
Originally founded in 1510 along the now Highway 90 as the capital city of the former "green castle" District of Zelenarus of the Romanov Dynasty(fictious). It is an ancient city only a few decades younger than Gorod Reka(at the time it was a simple fishing village),that survived two world wars but was totally destroyed during the 1980's civil war being caught in the regions that suffered the heaviest fighting, however overall persuasion was for the southern anti communist forces. Pobedney Gorod pushes to rebuild and grow as a symbol of resilience and modern prosperity amongst a brutal and competitive post war landscape. Available businesses are limited, but rebuilding is bringing new life into the region. (updates pending)

Vela Ves
A primarily farming town on the south end of Highway 90, it is the hub of agriculture in the southern districts, the former State of Vela Ves. Once divided by war, the city and its former government seek to further peace agreements made to reconnect it with Gorod Reka.(changes/updates are pending)

A small mining town on Highway 86, it was founded in the 1800's by hopefuls from Gorod Reka looking to expand their riches. The surrounding landscape provides views and vistas unlike anything else in the area. Nearly abandoned and leveled in the 1950's for weapons testing, local resources were deemed too valuable to be destroyed, and the village continues its rebirth into the modern age while remembering its past to this day. Abandoned mines can be found scattered in the wilderness between town and Slava bay, some on military property, so be aware. (road network is subject to expansion/changes)

A small village that has remained even after the castle that once surrounded it fell into ruin, it forms the gateway on Highway 287 into the scenic Pavlov Mountains and the southern shores of the Donetska Sea. Primary resources are cattle herding and stone-working, along with the usual tourist sites and a growing artist community.

A small village in the foothills of the mountains, it still deals with unrest between insurgents and the AFZF. The "Gateway to Canyonlands" is still a growing settlement, surrounded by deep gorges and scenic vistas. Primary resources are tourism and hard mining.
(fun fact: It is the furthest road point away from Gorod Reka(so far), with 6 km to the city in either direction)
The Sebjan Valley Scenic Railroad is an upcoming project.

Donetska Village
An upcoming alpine-esque village and outdoor resort area, nestled at the base of the Pavlov Mountains.
Located 4 km west of Vela Ves on Road 287, and 4 km southwest of Gorod Reka, it is becoming an oasis in the wilderness around it.

Polina Village
-An upcoming frontier town, it shares few connections with the government in Gorod Reka ever since the civil war in the 70's and 90's. It is the mineral source of the former independant state of Vela Ves, and the gateway of the Taggert Butte Road.(still heavy WIP). Polina is a mining town with all it's amenities, good or bad. (still heavy WIP)

-About 10km of railway providing service to all major cities and towns in the North-South direction, as this was the original path of development for the terrain. (an east and west line is in the works)
-25km+ of highways and roads connecting nearly all the districts in the country, as it continues to grow.
-2 airports in the north(airport expansion is pending)

X there are many secrets to be found. In the cities and the land between. some speak of treasure, some of loot, all have their secrets.

The Armed Forces of the Zelenarussian Federation have become a modern and semi advanced fighting force. Although relatively small numbered in size, the armed forces continue to grow to provide better international coverage. While still under classification as a "Self Defense Army", the AFZF comprise of well trained personnel, the equipment is not primarily that the leftovers of the Soviet Bloc, rather domestic systems adapted for the modern era. While semi-expensive, it provides the small forces with a huge advantage in their own country. From the Savior-1 anti-ballistic missile laser with its ability to hit missiles in orbit, and the T-series of main battle tanks that can provide to power of an attack helicopter from the ground, to the long range nuclear missile capabilities found all over the landscape, the AFZF grows to this day to become a fearsome force to be reckoned with to anyone bold enough to attack the shores, just as all their enemies had thought all those years ago.

Now known as a Baltic Sea nation neighboring Kallingrad, Zelenarus began as a ancient hunting ground settled for its fertile land to farm and sustain off of, and the rich caves and mountains to build from. Organized by descendants of the Balts, stone age settlers used the mountains and plains as a hunting and living ground, and settlements would appear in the valleys below. A fishing settlement known as River City would become the capital of an ever growing culture of a people all its own. However, through a nefarious time, a culture of outlaws would settle in the south, thus beginning a split in the country. This would be followed by years of tension, a fragile trust, that would erupt and disappear and repeat, and follow the hert of the country to the present day. This history would then follow like the most of Eastern Europe, but after events such as the Revolution in 1917, The Great Patriotic War, and especially the brutal civil war from 1978-1996, emotions and loyalties would change in Zelenarus nearly unlike anything in the Post-Soviet world.

A Little Information

This project just began as what I saw as a personal Slav's paradise for me to build and mess around in. As it grew and developed over the years, I have turned it into a formal country/slavic GTA meets red dead redemption map of some sort. It became an adventure. WHat I could build, I wanted to share. I never intended to share this map online, but eventually I felt it had grown to a point where it could be nice to share it with the world and receive its praise and critique in stride. Nearly everything is hand built, no world editor or outside program is used here. Houses, roads, towns, tunnels, cities, and ships, hand built, block by block, minute by minute, day by day. The randomly generated terrain of Minecraft itself was the canvas, it was built upon, and here are the results. I hope you enjoy what I have made.

Progress75% complete

44 Update Logs

Update #44 : by HoodRussian13 10/25/2023 2:34:25 pmOct 25th

1.8.7 is here!
Many Fixes, many additions! Here you go!
Start point is the northwest shore of Piney Lake, and the up and coming cabin resort

Gorod Reka:
-added many new roads on the west side of town, as well as new houses, and a new marina, which is still WIP
-expansions to the sewers to try and connect the more isolated segments
-a new metro station in Beachgate
-expansions to the major roads through Old CIty/Downtown
-added several new stash crates hidden under and in town

Vela Ves
-began work on the new business district, a frontier town, if you will
-added a few new homes
-added a WIP water mill

-expanded the road south of streka to the northwest shore of Piney Lake
-added more stash crates and ruins

Anything else, call it an Easter Egg!

ENJOY!(updated images coming soon)

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10/26/2023 3:57 am
Level 30 : Artisan Warrior
HoodRussian13 avatar
1.8.7 is out, I hope you all enjoy. If there are any bugs, funny things, let me know! Enjoy!
10/22/2023 11:06 am
Level 1 : New Miner
wolaurent avatar
Просто хочу сказать, что я восхищён вашим трудолюбием и проработанностью лора! Вы огромный молодец, продолжайте в том же духе, это правда замечательно
10/25/2023 4:50 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Warrior
HoodRussian13 avatar
спасибо! :)
08/21/2023 4:25 am
Level 6 : Apprentice Crafter
Brickyhawk15154 avatar
the download doesn't work for me (probably just a storage issue on my pc)
this looks incredible though!
10/26/2023 3:59 am
Level 30 : Artisan Warrior
HoodRussian13 avatar
I am trying to make it less of a space taker, but it seems to be a minecraft thing. I am still trying to make the file size smaller, all in good time! I learn as I go along!
06/04/2023 4:19 am
Level 30 : Artisan Warrior
HoodRussian13 avatar
regarding 1.8.6
the day of release was hectic, and I never really gave any build notes. so here ya go :)

-Highway 287 now completes a ring around the Donetska Sea. Uniting the map even more, and adding many unique locations!
-senic areas, natural spots along said 287
-new interchange in Gorod Reka to allow Highway 287 to blend into the Garden Ring Highway, as well as surface streets.
- anything else, is well easter egg. several were added this time!

the main focus of this mini update was to complete the Highway 287 seacoast ring. not really much was done elsewhere, maybe.
05/10/2023 5:45 am
Level 30 : Artisan Warrior
HoodRussian13 avatar
1.8.5 should be live within 12 hours. I have added a update log as a teaser :)
05/10/2023 4:31 am
Level 30 : Artisan Warrior
HoodRussian13 avatar
Here is a link to youtube videos of the map:
05/05/2023 7:36 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Collective
Spice Overlord
Spice Overlord avatar
Bedrock port please
05/10/2023 4:32 am
Level 30 : Artisan Warrior
HoodRussian13 avatar
I'll see what I can do!
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