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Dragon Block C Reborn Earth Construction Contest

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WelcomeToDragon Block C Reborn EarthConstruction Contest!

All details are below!

To Sign up go Here!


* Builds submitted on Jin Ryuu's Website jingames.ryugujo.hu/?page_id=461
* Builders must fill out the form and check all buildings/structures that they are making
* All Builds must be submitted by September 25th 2013.Early submissions are accepted
* If builders select Other, it must play a significant role in the DBZ Universe
* WorldEdit/MCEdit/ and other World editing software can be used
* Do not use a texture pack.
* Builds MUST, be made and uploaded in a .zip file (Winrar/7-zip/etc.)
* All Builds must be at least 20 blocks away from each other, Example: All structures and buildings that have nothing to do with one another should not be touching.
* All .zip files should have a ReadMe with the name of the buildings structures within it as well as the location of X/Y/Z

NOTE: We would prefer if you use the default Minecraft Texture Pack to as to color your buildings to the best of your ability to prevent us from guessing, but this will not disqualify you if you choose not to do so.


There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each respective category. Consolation prizes will be given for 4th-10th.

1st Place:
* Build Featured in the server
* Featured In DBC
* Custom HD Skin
* Special Unique Cape
* Custom Armor
* Lifetime VIP
* In game cash

2nd Place:
* Build Featured in the server
* Custom HD Skin
* Special Unique Cape
* 3 Months of VIP
* Less In-Game cash than 1st place

3rd Place:
* Build Featured in the server
* Special Unique Cape
* 1 Month of VIP
* Less In-Game cash than 1st & 2nd place

4th - 9th will be given early access to Beta Servers that will correspond to Dragon Ball C: Reborn and Extra In-Game Cash!

DEADLINE: Sept. 25th, 2013

Please Support The People Who Are Making This Server Possible By Checking Out Their YouTube Pages and Other Social Outlets.

Jinryuu: Creator Of Dragon Block C


YummiestChannelEver: Business/Hosting Manager


BillCosbyPlays: Story Writer & Founder Of Dragon Block C Reborn


TheSoreIka: Story Writer & Mod

Angusari: Story Writer & Mod
Progress100% complete

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i don't get it
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