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avatar Aetheon
Level 59 : Grandmaster Dragonborn
DragonCraft is an RPG Styled map. This map has difficult bosses, many questlines, and much more. There are several places called Creeper Shrines, which are creeper faces carved into mountain walls. One Creeper Shrine is carved into the bottom of a shallow lake. Creeper Shrines usually take skill to get to, and will reward unique weapons and armor. They are usually going to be enchanted.
Update: 1.5
Progress100% complete

6 Update Logs

1.5 : 05/01/2013 7:15:22 amMay 1st, 2013

DragonCraft 1.5 Update Notes

General Additions:
- Added the 36th through 40th Questlines.
- Added the Second Legendary Questline, started upon killing King Monaraxx in Bedrock Caverns.
- Added the Third Legendary Questline, started
- Added the Demonic Bow Legendary Weapon, Stormbringer, Ender of Storms.
- Added the Demonic Legendary Armor Set.

- Renamed the Demonic Greatsword to Demonsbane, Greatsword of Flame.
- Changed the Skeleton Heads around the Anaraxx boss area (Creepertown Quest Boss) to Wither Skeleton Heads.

- New Dungeon: Creepertown Mines: Section B
- New Dungeon: Bedrock Caverns
- New Dungeon: Sky Lands: Lair of Corruption
- New Dungeon: Temple of Demonic Kings

Dungeon Edits:
- Creepertown Mines
- Added enemies to the main room of the dungeon.
- The Death Lurker
- Added Charged Creeper Spawners to some platforms in the room, making it a more challenging boss.
- Shadimor the Shadow Monstrosity
- Added Wither Skeleton Spawners to make this fight feel more like a final boss fight.
- Deathflame the Flame Monstrosity
- Added one Blaze Spawner to the room to slightly increase difficulty.
- Lava Fortress
- The Flame King
- Added Blazes to make this boss fight more difficult, to sort of feel more like the fight in the Temple of Demonic Kings dungeon.
- Temple of Shadows
- The Gauntlet
- Slightly Reduced the number of monster spawners in this encounter from 600 to 250.
- Apocalypse
- Reset the Apocalypse Boss Fight, so the fight does not spawn with about 300 Villagers in the room.
- Nimanoxx the Shadow Wither
- Added More Wither Skeleton Spawners and Some Charged Creeper Spawners to make this boss fight more difficult, as it is the final objective for a legendary questline.
- Added the redstone torch for Demonsbane, Greatsword of Flame, as it accidentally was not added in the 1.4 update.

Note: There are 10 dungeons in this map, and one requires all the Legendary stuff, so for the first legendary questline, you only have to complete 6 dungeons in this update, instead of 10.

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