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EnderCraft 2.0

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avatar Aetheon
Level 59 : Grandmaster Dragonborn
EnderCraft is a Minecraft RPG Styled Map. It has four classes to choose from, and sixty questlines in the first version (98 currently). It also has a separate file downloaded with the map for map achievements. This map has several rare enemies that have a small chance of spawning in some areas instead of the regular enemies.

If you find any bugs for the map, feel free to tell me in the comments or with a PM and I'll be sure to resolve it.

If you need help with anything in the map, most likely the strategies for bosses in Raid Dungeons, be sure to visit the wiki at: mc-endercraft.wikia.com/

Pictures are currently unavailable. A video is soon to come, along with some pictures.

- Warrior
- Assassin
- Archer
- Healer

- Skele'thar Mountains
- Jungle of Mysteries
- Creeper Forest
- Shadowy Plains
- Volcanic Mountains
- The Nether
- The Sky Realm
- Dread Isle
- The Ender Desert
- The Wither Realm
- The Flame Wastes
- The Ender Realm
- Frozen Forest
- Swamp of Darkness
- Dreadonaar Forest
- Geranoxx Plains
- Bone Wastes
- The Blazing Mountains
- Death Crater
Progress100% complete

3 Update Logs

2.0 - Rise of Endageras : 10/28/2013 9:18:47 pmOct 28th, 2013

EnderCraft 2.0 Patch Notes:

- First Expansion of EnderCraft Released: Rise of Endageras

- Twenty Three New Questlines (Total: 98)
- Added 1 world boss.

Class Remodels:
- Healers now have a usable weapon.
- Added Class Specializations, which come in effect in the new expansion zones.
- Class Specializations will determine the role of the player. Roles are used for Dungeons and Raids. The three roles are listed below.
- Tank: Tanks hold aggro of enemies. They usually use powerful armor, but don't have a lot of attack power. Tanks usually stay alive longer than other players.
- Healer: Healers have the role of healing players. They keep other players alive. A healer is not a recommended solo role.
- Damage: Players who focus on doing damage to the target are known as Damage. They don't have a lot of dodge, but they do have high attack power.

- New Raid Dungeon: Dreadonaar's Lair (Tier 4)
- New Raid Dungeon: Citadel of Death (Tier 4)
- New Raid Dungeon: Blazing Catacombs (Tier 4)
- New Raid Dungeon: Skeletal Fortress (Tier 5)
- New Raid Dungeon: Siege of the Volcanic Temple (Tier 6)

- Wither Hold Changes:
- Reinforced Destroyer:
- Reduced the Reinforced Destroyer's maximum health by 13%.

- Citadel of Darkness Changes:
- Anaraxx the Corrupt
- Tripled the size of the boss room of Anaraxx the Corrupt.

This Update Is In Effect As Of: October 28, 2013

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