Driveable Tank

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Level 48 : Master Engineer
This is a driveable tank, inspired by the T-90 Russian Main Battle Tank.
With this tank, you can:
- move ahead,
- move on the right,
- move on the left,
- shoot with 3 possible ranges: Short, Medium and Long.
This driveable tank can break an obstacle on its way.
For more information about how to drive this war machine, please watch the video.
You will see that this tank is not invincible and can be stop by mines, as real tanks!

You can't post it on internet without giving me credits.
An other driveable tank made by micholex can be find here:

Note: I use the WW3 Resource Pack.
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Update #1 : 08/15/2015 10:26:57 amAug 15th, 2015

Youtube Link added. Now you can learn how to drive the tank.

12/16/2015 7:57 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Blacksmith
The tank drives as fast as a true life tank in what we call SNEAK MODE...
but the design of the tank more represents to me as a BM oplot...
maybe put the turret a littlebit on the middle of the hull and you could get the T90 design but overall nice...
12/14/2015 4:19 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Architect
this is .. über! :D
08/15/2015 12:48 pm
Level 24 : Expert Engineer
Well I am sort of impressed, someone was able to do it before I was xD Good job.
08/15/2015 11:55 am
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Crafter
lol its driving ^^^ good job
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