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TheGabricraft's Avatar TheGabricraft
Level 45 : Master Crafter

Duo Parkour!

The map that requires two players working toghether to complete.

It all started with this post on Reddit, where my friend ByBoxi and I made a little parkour and didn't expect it to blow up.
So for everyone on Reddit, we finished it, and it turned out to be EPIC! so here is the download!

If you want more parkour, check out my other map Jumping Around The World! (singleplayer)

Minecraft 1.16.4 multiplayer, if on a server/realm make sure command blocks are on, and if you want to spectate, reset or activate the scoreboard, you will need an opped player/cheats enabled.

How to play
1. Make your friend join your world
2. Select your side (stand on top of the purple or lime concrete powder)
3. Start running!
4. Make sure you stay in your path, don't switch paths!! (If you are player A, purple, look for the purple "A" player heads.)
4. Both players must finish the race to complete it.
5. If one of the player dies, the other one does as well

      - Don't play with more than two players, it could break the map! Another player can join to spectate as long as you give them the owner tag, to do so write in chat /tag PlayerName add owner
      - There is nothing stopping you from changing sides mid-game or skipping parts, if you want to enjoy the map the way it was intended to, don't do it.

      - Play on adventure mode! (on the new update of this map this is forced, unless you have the owner tag).

      - Don't stop! Unless you are practicing, keep running so the experience doesen't become boring and it's more intense.

      - If you are stuck, or don't exactly know what to do, make sure to ckeck the video to see where to go.

      If you want to start from the beginning, type in chat /function duop:reboot
      If you want to see how many attempts you did, type in chat
      /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar attemptsTo disable it:
      /scoreboard objectives setdisplay sidebar

      The map is divided in 3 parts: overworld, nether and end. Every dimension switch has a checkpoint, both players have to get trough the portal for the ckeckpoint to activate.

      The map is really hard, me and my friend took 5 HOURS to record the video (maybe we are just bad xD), will you and your friend be able to beat it?

      Also, if you happen to speak spanish, check out my youtube channel! I upload news, command block tutorials, short films, tops and more!

      -+- NEWS -+-

      Duo Parkour 2.0 for Minecraft 1.19 is being worked on
      With new features such as the usage of blocks from the new updates, achivements, an option to show the path you have to follow, and tons of polishing and tweaking!

      The official DUO Parkour sequel for Minecraft Bedrock is out now!
      This map is a much more detailed version of the map where the objective is to race your friend instead of help them. Available exclusively on the Minecraft Marketplace
      CreditCreated by TheGabricraft and ByBoxi
      Progress95% complete

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      08/10/2021 9:14 pm
      Level 1 : New Miner
      User3754453G's Avatar
      Also you should probably stop players from picking up ender pearls more than once, since it makes it trivial to get to the goal. in terms of speedrunning, it's the only skip that i think makes the run less fun.
      08/09/2021 1:00 pmhistory
      Level 1 : New Miner
      User3754453G's Avatar
      Could you update the map so the ender eye doesn't get cleared out of the player's inventory before the portal (no matter if it's player A or B)? it's not possible to do the trapdoor route together with the strider route without that fix, cause the ender eye gets cleared from the player's inventory right before the portal.
      07/13/2021 11:24 amhistory
      Level 1 : New Miner
      wolki14433's Avatar
      Como juego el mapa? y como hago que mi amigo se una
      alguien me puede responder?
      06/03/2021 3:30 pm
      Level 1 : New Miner
      Lotte_Coo's Avatar
      How do i join?
      12/03/2020 6:11 pm
      Level 1 : New System
      AlenderZ's Avatar
      The best map I have ever played I loved, I was playing with my little brother because he wanted to play it and this map gave me many hours of fun. (If you have a friend or brother, I recommend playing it)
      12/03/2020 4:20 pm
      Level 1 : New Miner
      CarefreeHarp's Avatar
      please I want a secon version of this map !!!! its so funny
      11/17/2020 11:02 am
      Level 1 : New Miner
      Dzejnix's Avatar
      when i turning on minecraft (map is in %appdata%\.minecraft\saves) i don't have map. Can somebody help?
      11/09/2020 7:28 pmhistory
      Level 1 : New Explorer
      SoulRacer65's Avatar
      This map was super fun to play, took me and my friend over 600 attempts to beat the map,
      11/09/2020 7:52 pm
      Level 1 : New Explorer
      SoulRacer65's Avatar
      Second attempt we got 67 somehow lol
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