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Emerald Wars - OpenBedwars

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Sidpatchy's Avatar Sidpatchy
Level 21 : Expert Birb
This map supports 1.15.2-1.16.2. With support for 1.14.4 by using an old version of the map.

OpenBedwars is a custom version of Bedwars similar to what can be found on Hypixel or Cubecraft's Eggwars. This uses command blocks to achieve nearly everything it requires no plugins, datapacks, or mods.

This features 3 maps, while another is in the works. One is more of a wait for people to join map, we recommend no more than 4 people play it. Another is a larger map, which should have 8ish people, that consists of a medium-sized island with an abandoned building on it finally, the desert temple map which should support up to 16 people.

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Also if you have any questions, comments, or ideas feel free to ask in the comments.

We built the map using Sphax Pure BDCraft as a result we recommend using it while playing for the best experience.

License info is included in the map's zip file.

Since I went and made this open source, the main difference is you now get access to my spreadsheet for commands... not all of them are in here but the ones that do the heavy lifting are. Enjoy! You can open the file with almost anything, I personally use google sheets but you could use LibreOffice or Excel.
CreditPatchysid, Pro_Killer999
Progress25% complete

12 Update Logs

1.7.1 : by Sidpatchy 09/04/2020 4:27:25 pmSep 4th, 2020

I was messing around with the Abandoned Building map and discovered that the red base's emerald block can't be replaced automatically, I've fixed that. Additionally, you'll discover some of my work on the new map. It's very far from being complete but I like what I've done so far.

As I predicted in the last update log, the ZIP file has become too big to upload to PMC, for now MEGA is the only option.

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