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Elder Scrolls : Atmora ( downloadable maps )

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Dear Traveller,

Atmora, the Elder Wood Land of Truth, is a truly mysterious continent.

Full of myths, legend, and tales, few know much regarding the ancient history.

Now, after many millenia, you the adventuring wander have come upon this land.
This Atmora is frozen, but bound with beautiful lands and resources.
Will you discover old underground cities, Atmoran settlements, or even more?

You start on the Skyrim-like island of Issgard, but may venture to any corner of the continent or even head to realms like Apocrypha, the Hunting Grounds, or perhaps the Soul Cairn.

Bear in mind that this map is intended for whatever purpose you wish ( as long as due credit is given ).
Also note that Apocrypha should be played on lower settings to avoid lag ( load 6 chunks instead of 12 for best result ) .

This map was originally designed based off an old server I played on named The Elder Scrolls RPG "Atmora" and somewhat off of internet image searches for a general shape. The map is intended to also act as a synergy of maps and what is known about Atmora. As such I give credit to Reddit, Deviant Art, Skyrim Nexus, and Dark Creations for some of the inspiration toward the map design as well. I also intend for there to be references to some sources of lore as well as from community content that has essentially become lore such as The Tale of Lindla Frostborn and a story called Voyage to Atmora among others.
This map of Amora is meant to be as close as possible to the lore and existing sources, as well as the Beyond Skyrim project. The overall map incorporates features from several of the different existing maps. It is meant to be as close as possible to the most likely shape of Atmora, though the placement of Issgard in the lore could be a little further away from the mainland of Atmora than depicted in the map images.

*Please do note that not all of the images present will be exactly the same as they will appear on the map, since some of the images are what the pre-freeze Atmora looked like. Still keep in mind that the Atmora you will explore is long after the freeze and is also kept to a reasonable scale as well (it will take at least several in-game days to cross the land on foot, although the actual server indeed seemed much larger).

Technical Notes

This map has also had some edits over time, but is still largely open for building since there are not too many structures. I had some versions I meant to upload get lost in my data after a computer repair/back-up. I have since been working on populating the world under the frozen surface, so there will be adventure awaiting.
*One of the files currently available for download is a World File, so it will require having a program like Worldpainter to export into Minecraft as a game file.*

File Downloads

I am working on having multiple files available for download with this project yet we will have to see. For some reason, the files apparently may need to be shared individually, as sharing the folder does not appear to share the files enough of the time.

*The most updated file with the largest map that has been successfully generated is in the following link* (it contains Atmora, Issgard, Roscrea, and some outlying islands) :https://www.mediafire.com/file/zyoeufvae14aj2k/The_Elder_Scrolls_Atmora_-_Elder_Woods.zip/file

Maps or contents by Endo93 - Terms of use

- If you publish a video using this map :
You must put a direct link leading to this post in the video description and direct link leading to the original page of the map on Planetminecraft.
You must credit the owner in the video and in the video description linking to her Planetminecraft.

- If you publish a picture using this map on a website or any media sharing system :
You must credit the owner in the picture itself and if possible, in the description of the picture linking to the Planetminecraft account.

- If you share this map on your website, blog or whatever else you use :
you must credit the owner and put a direct link leading to this post on PlanetMinecraft.com.

- You cannot reuse the content of this map in other packs, or modify its content or redistribute its content without the explicit permission from the owner.

- You can upload the original map on another file hosting website and redistribute it if permission is given.

- The only legal links to access its content are the ones provided in the original post of Endo93 on PlanetMinecraft.com

- The Owner reserves the right to change this agreement at any time with or without notice,
with immediate and/or retroactive effect.

Related Work

Here is the Old Server website link if you'd like to know more, or would like to find these locations and recreate/create a new Atmora ( RP in the 4th Era for example ).

- http://tesatmora.enj

It is also a great pleasure of mine to have been modding Skyrim, particularly with helping the Expedition to Atmora project (Atmora Calling, AKA Expedition to the North), which you all might also like to check out.

Here are their forums if this seems interesting:
1) Atmora Calling (http://atmora-calling.freeforums.net/)
2) Beyond Skyrim: Expedition to the North

Inspiration (Works Cited)
1) Deviant Art:
  1. TheAtlasGuy
  2. DwarfChieftain
2) Wiki— Unofficial Elder Scrolls Portfolio
3) RP/ Games— Nationstates: The Kingdom of Atmora
4) Nexus Mods— Atmora Land of Truth (picture; this project also has relevance to the Beyond Skyrim project)
CreditGoogle images, DarkCreations ( Beyond Skyrim ), Dr_Science on Planet Minecraft, and the "The Elder Scrolls RPG" server community
Progress80% complete

7 Update Logs

Update #7 : by Endo93 12/28/2023 9:52:39 pmDec 28th, 2023

The Sea of Ghosts has been expanded, some realms of Oblivion have been added, and the map now includes Roscrea to the Southeast. There is still some work to be done on some of the structures, and the map is not quite complete nor exactly the same as the Beyond Skyrim: Expedition to Atmora Skyrim mod, but I intend to keep it similar enough and add more content in time.

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04/02/2014 7:50 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
Endo93's Avatar
Hopefully now this World save will do, but if not, I may need to fix it.

In that case, I will get a more complete project out.
04/02/2014 7:19 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
Endo93's Avatar
I made this with WorldPainter, but I do plan to use some other programs to design more of the buildings.

Seeing that the server I based this off was very well liked, I wanted to leave something awesome for those that never played it, hence a new map.
04/02/2014 6:38 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
deadbuilder_1's Avatar
Did you make this with world painter or world machine or something else?
09/23/2020 11:42 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
Endo93's Avatar
I used Worldpainter and had been using MC Edit as well as in-game building to create the structures.
04/02/2014 6:35 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
Endo93's Avatar
I will do my best to find a suitable upload location and hopefully finish some building and structure models / schematics to complete this project.

Please know that I plan to get this out by the summer, hopefully alongside a Skyrim mod project
( Alpha / Beta phase ) .
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