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Elemental Wars

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Brodie The Nerd's Avatar Brodie The Nerd
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This is an innovative 1v1v1v1 map with Bedwars-like looting and a twist, players can bend the elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air; to aid them in battle. Upgrade your abilities to become the most powerful player on the map, and give yourself an edge during battle. The first player to get 3 kills after unlocking their full bending potential is the winner!

I built this map simply because I wanted to play a map like this but never found one. So, I used my command block skills and created this beauty of a PvP map. I genuinely had fun playing this map (mainly because my younger brother absolutely sucks at PvP!) and I hope you do too! This map took me a year to build, had over 350 command blocks, but this was definitely worth the effort.

I hope you enjoy playing the map! If you locate a bug (which, with 350+ command blocks, is VERY possible), please report it to me via Twitter here.

Update Log:
Huge bug fixes. Literally 2 command blocks broke the entire thing. Map is now playable!

More smaller bug fixes and balanced elemental abilities. More hats!

Massive war zone overhaul, with a lot of landscaping and decorations used to improve it, as well as final bug fixes

CreditThunderPede (For Testing), WorldEdit
Progress100% complete

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