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avatar Brodie The Nerd
Level 32 : Artisan Nerd
If you're gonna visit our planet, you could at the VERY least take care of our nature.

This project no joke took me 13 hours 30 minutes to build WITH world edit, and that's only to build small area that's in play. This is an alien aircraft, NOT space ship (since it uses propellers), which is causing just utter chaos to the nature it's visiting. Well, at least they get a good view of the waterfall. We should really limit who can and can't be tourists...

This build was made in a super flat world, meaning all of the terrain and interactions were formed using world edit with a technique I like to compare to clay-sculpting, where you spawn in a large block of stone and just cut into it or add more stone to produce a nice mountain, which is also how I managed to creat distinct layers in the mountain. The trees were much less time consuming, with about an hour spent on making them look nice as well as interact with the overwhelming wind being created by the massive propellers on the aircraft. The lake was also hand build, with rough calculations to figure out where the center of the propeller was aimed into the water then spamming glass until it looked decent enough to use World edit to turn it into blue glass. Afterward, I used the cylinder command in world edit to create multiple layers of glass for the tornado, found the appropriate size, then did some basic /brush terraforming to create all of the interactions with the tornado, creating a lot more detail and giving the area a story, which I believe significantly improved the build and tied everything together in a way that’s still very fantasy but makes sense.

I hope to get a full video released and posted here before the end of the contest to show you guys the build process as a time-lapse. I may also decide to add a little bit more scenery around the aircraft just so I’d doesn’t seem too bland.
Creditworld edit, replay mod (so I could record most of the build process)
Progress100% complete

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03/14/2019 9:33 am
Level 29 : Expert Skinner
03/15/2019 8:29 am
Level 32 : Artisan Nerd
Brodie The Nerd
*24 hours later*

Hey what happened here?

Yeah I have too much spare time
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