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Enderman XP Farm (Level 30 in 55 seconds)

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Bepi_Nomdus's Avatar Bepi_Nomdus
Level 56 : Grandmaster Creeper
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What is this thing?
This is my world's Enderman XP farm - the main source of not only ender pearls but also XP!

How does it work?
The spawning room design is very similar to the one of my compact mob farm: When an Enderman spawns, it immediately hits a tripwire which activates a set of pistons. This pushes the Enderman off the spawn pad. Its first fall gets broken by vines before it drops 43 blocks, which allows for a one-hit kill.

In the room where all the Enderman drop, there's a Minecart which loops constantly around it. The player can sit in it and kill the Enderman as fast as possible this way, without losing massive amounts of saturation.

The spawning room has 464 spawning spaces: 8 rows of 58 spawning spaces, with 29 spawning spaces on each side. This may not sound like much, but due to its efficiency, it's more than enough to reach crazy speeds.

The build
For the floors, I used magenta and purple stained clay to resemble the colors of an Enderman's eyes and particles, hence why I gave it the name 'Eye of the Ender'. The 'work area' is further made entirely out of glass because Enderman can't teleport or spawn on glass, except if you attack them but they die immediately anyway if you do so this is no problem. I made the entire spawning room out of black wool. This makes it very hard to see the spawning room (only with a night vision potion you can see it), I tried to make it look like that the Enderman fall out of the sky so that's why.

There's also a Minecart track which goes from the End spawn directly to the farm, which is about 160 blocks away from the mainland - enough to prevent spawns there and slow everything down (mobs can only spawn within 144 blocks of the player)
Progress100% complete

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08/12/2014 12:28 am
Level 1 : New Miner
rasor's Avatar
hey i made a spawner liek this with pistons and the trip wires but their is only 1-8 enderman in the grinder.
i am still building it and i currently have 5 layers do you know if the amout of layers has 2 do with the amount of enderman then gets trapped?
05/28/2014 2:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
enmes's Avatar
This is actually quite cool. I will definatly try and build a version of this in my survival world!
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