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Equintia [CUSTOM MAP] [JAVA] [1.14.4] [8K] [MULTIBIOME] V2

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avatar Bjodn2610
Level 16 : Journeyman Artist
Hi there!

I've recently created a custom map using World Machine and Worldpainter. I have made several maps over the past years and each time, they get better. So now, I have finally decided to publish an 8K by 8K map featuring mountain ranges, deserts, mesas, forests and much more!

The map is completely compatible with Vanilla Minecraft (Java edition) and has been rendered for 1.14+ and it therefore also contains some nice underwater features. It's suitable for survival, creative and basically anything.

Personally, I recommend you using Medieval resource packs like Conquest (combined with JSL) or John Smith Legacy.

I tried to stick to some Vanilla rules like snow height, but the water level is at 40 (instead of 62). As of now, this is Version 1 of the map and I actually want to improve it using your feedback from the comments below.

I do very much hope some people will have a look at it and help me out if possible.

Please do not use this map for any commercial purposes without my consent and consent from those credited below if they require so! This map was created purely for home or server use and of course for people to wander, explore and build in.

Note that the map is about 700 MB!

Special credits go to the creators of Worldpainter, World Machine and of course, those of you who have kindly shared their custom trees, which I have used o' plenty.


Conquered_ (Tree and Rocks BO2+Schematics for Terraformers) by Jamziboy/Monsterfish_

Custom tree pack Vol.2 Tropical Forest by Murokmakto

Fantasy Tree Repository (also credit to Rumsey), Custom Tree Repository by Lentebriesje

Tree Bundle | 370 Custom Trees by exsilit

Custom Trees V2 by Springstof

The Evil Sketch's Custom Trees by evilsketch



P.S. There's a crappy map of the world at the end, however the render gave some issues rendering bare grass. The dirt is just grass. Also, some chunks haven't been rendered as well.

© Bjodn2610

Imgur https://imgur.com/a/wkiNFZw
Reddit https://www.reddit.com/user/Bjodn2610
CreditCredits: Conquered_ (Tree and Rocks BO2+Schematics for Terraformers) by Jamziboy/Monsterfish_ Custom tree pack Vol.2 Tropical Forest by Murokmakto Fantasy Tree Repository (also credit to Rumsey), Custom Tree Repository by Lentebriesje Tree Bundle | 370 Cu
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update to V2 : 07/25/2019 7:17:27 pmJul 25th

Note that the map can have some issues concerning floating ice bergs under 1.14.4!

- Added more caves and some arches
- Added more vegetation on plains
- Added better vegetation near lakes with grass shores
- Added palms to tropical beaches
- Added more underwater vegetation
- Changed underwater ground cover at some places
- Added more water streams (mainly in swamp area)
- Updated tropical forest's trees
- Updated savanna trees
- Updated mystery forest's trees
- Fixed some small things
- Improved areas with lots of leaves

The updated download link will redirect you to to the latest version

Please leave your feedback in the comments below!


15 replies

08/14/2019 5:08 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Amazing work!! I'm downloading it and wanted to know if the map contains ores, temples or shipwreck with the respectives chests. Thank you! :)
08/14/2019 8:33 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Artist
Thanks! I haven't added any temples or shipwrecks, but I think I'll add them to some future maps! Thanks for the feedback!
08/10/2019 9:00 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Skinner
Sadboy hrs
nothing grows
08/11/2019 7:56 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Artist
Make sure you've enabled that option if you're on a server. Otherwise, update the chunk by breaking something nearby. I have no problem growing things on a test server, since the vines grow.
08/11/2019 8:00 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Artist
If you're on Realms, you maybe could try loading up the world in Singleplayer and then putting it on your Realms server. Just guessing since I have no experience with that paid service.
07/29/2019 2:05 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Skinner
Sadboy hrs
can we have the coords to the middle
07/29/2019 4:03 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Artist
4096 72 (?) 4096
07/27/2019 1:43 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
A+++ Map! i have Dabbled in world painter but nothing like this! May i use it on a network? we are a small Nordic Network Running a 9 Realms Theme with Each Server Being 1 Realm this one is yet to be announced but i would love to use it as the main world for the Races
07/27/2019 1:58 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Artist
Hi there! Of course you may use it! And uhm... If you like, you could send me a message if I may have a look around every now and then🙂 I can also help with other stuff I you like. I speak a little bit of Danish, so I'll be able to understand bits of Swedish and Norwegian as well (I sadly don't know any Icelandic nor Finnish...)
07/25/2019 11:41 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
For a village if ya prefer not to build one , how about 1 house and 2 villagers in it near the center of the map
with a 3 or 4 plot garden out side for them .
Then when people find it they can build the rest of the village without going creative mode.
07/26/2019 4:09 amhistory
Level 16 : Journeyman Artist
That's a creative solution! But I think I'll stick to having people build it themselves, for then the map is like a new "natural" world!😊 (PS if I were to place a village, I'd probably use a schematic and alter it a bit)
07/24/2019 2:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Beautiful map. Seriously. Created an account just to comment and give a diamond and a fave.
Was wondering if this have villages/towns?
I will explore further more later.
Good job!!
07/24/2019 4:32 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Artist
Thank you so much! It currently doesn't contain any villages because I'd rather have people build them themselves. However, they could be added if requested.
07/24/2019 6:42 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Dragon
The Two Kitties
Would it be alright for me to use on my server as a map? I have a small public server with only about 10-15 people or so. If so, how should I give credit to you within the server?
07/24/2019 7:07 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Artist
Yeah sure! You can send me a message with the server ip if you allow me to have a look once in a while. If that's not possible, no problem! Feel free to use it and give credits😊

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