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Hello minecraft community!

Today I'll present you Part 2 and 3 of the ER2 Series trains. This particullar train is

one of the first years of production. ER2-321 has the normal green painting, which

was typical and the most common painting from all russian soviet regions.
PLEASE NOTE, that this and all upcoming vehicles are build with a costum
pack that is made particular for the big MOSCOW | REALISTIC CITY PROJECT.

Here is the link for the texture pack so you donwload it and try it out:

The ER2 electric trainset is a DC electric multiple unit which was in production by the
Railroad Machinery Plants of Riga (in consortium with the Electrical Machinery Plants
of Riga and the Railroad Machinery Plants of Kalinin) from June 1962 to mid-1984. It
was essentially an improvement of the ER1 design, featuring footboards for low platforms,
and aprons for high platforms, as well as improved electrical equipment and minor changes
to the bodywork (specifically, the engineer's cab, side walls, headstocks, and door mountings).
The number of seats in cab car is 88, in motor cars 110, and trailer cars 108.

ER2 railcar numbering consists of trainset number, and car number written consequently.
The motor cars have following numbers: 02, 04, 06, 08, 10, and 12 (even), Cab cars are
01 and 09 (07 Cab is only in eight car edition, which was produced by plants of Riga and
Kalinin at the end of 1969) The trailer cars are 03, 05, 07, and 11 (odd). Complete number
of ER2-955 first cab car will be ER2-95501.

ER2-1348, the last ER2 electric trainset was built in September 1984. Er2 electric trainsets
entered a lot of suburban districts, particularly in Moscow and Leningrad (St. Petersburg)
Railway Networks. The long run of ER2 release, made these trains leading in serving suburban
commuters. These trains became widespread in suburban, as well as local railroad traffic
in 1960 - 1980 period. Since the mid-1960s, the ER2 has been the most widely used type
of suburban train in the Soviet Union and its successor states.

Enjoy my builds. Feedback is very welcome! :)
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