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Ethermoor MMORPG Base Terrain Map

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Macattack1972's Avatar Macattack1972
Level 20 : Expert Architect
This is Ethermoor
Among the Ethermerian Sea lies Ethermoor, a Continent which is made up of 3 main biomes.

Ether - Found among Ether is the long ever lasting Great Plains of Ether which run into the sharp snow capped mountains of     Frostford and ending in the lush Highlands Forest

Merian - Located in Merian is the never ending grass soaked mountains of the Merian Jungle lined with over growing Jungle Trees      which is the entrance for the Enlightened Forest known for its mysterious growth.

Plya - Among Plya The Great Plya Desert roars with its overgrown sand dunes in cased in mountains which make up Dry Glutch     and ending with the deep Griffins Canyon.

Future Updates
to Look Forward to
Custom Mob, Pet, and Mount Dossiers!
Custom Gear!
Custom Interactive Towns with Player Housing!
Various Custom Locations with Custom Lootable Containers!
and Many More!
Progress100% complete

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10/02/2020 4:46 am
Level 1 : New Miner
thomasdrybooms's Avatar
how do i download this map?
09/18/2020 11:09 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Engineer
Techno_573's Avatar
this looks amazing! can i use this for my 1.12.2 modded server? If yes, am I allowed to change a few things so it fits even better with my server?
09/18/2020 1:32 pm
Level 20 : Expert Architect
Macattack1972's Avatar
Sorry :( Its going to be the base map of my server and i would like to keep it 1 of a kind. I hope you understand but im glad you enjoy it :)
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