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I am the head admin of a server which is currently in development. We are developing a modded rpg server which is based in a alternative ending post war(WWII).
The setting is a city which has been bombed lightly but spared of any nuclear disasters, the city is in a war between secret organisations and soldiers representing Germany, France and Britain. They are trying to dominate the city as Scientists with information on the weapons that have been destroying the surrounding world are hiding out there.
There will be a high amount of rpg element in this server but will still be playable for anyone just looking for a different kind of factions server.
Now to my point, the owner of the server has launched a forum for the server so we can keep people updated on this server, inside the forums is an application to become part of our staff team. We need people with all sorts of skills, whether it be building, coding, design or anything you can offer.
If you would like to join us please follow this link: http://exitumcraft.enjin.com/home
If you have any questions or comments feel free to insert a reply in the comment section.
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