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Fictional German Submarine Type XX Unterseflugzeugtragerkreuzer-boot (U.FL.ZG.TR-boot) (1:1)

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Fictional German Submarine Type XX Unterseflugzeugtragerkreuzer-boot (U.FL.ZG.TR-boot) (1:1) is a German aircraft carrying cruiser submarine meant to carry 4 torpedo bomber-dive bomber floatplane aircrafts inside her hangar .
Based off the Japanese I-400 Sentoku class and German Type IX submarines , this submarine is meant to make a big surprise torpedo-plane attack on ships.

Renders are made by : Commenter

The aircraft has to fold its wings , get off its floats , fold half of its rudder , fold its rear wings in order to fit the hangar like how Aichi A6M Seiran fit Japanese I-400 class submarines hangar.

The aircraft has to use a pre-heated fuel in order to launch from the submarines hangar. Otherways , it has to heat its engine inside the hangar while submarine is submerged (which would kill the crew because of the amount of carbonmonoxide filled in hangar) or heat its engine out of the hangar while submarine is above water for 20 minutes which would make the submarine spotted , making the submarine sink.

In fictional history , around 6 of these submarines were made to make the attack a large aircraft carrier of its time can.
These submarines were used to hunt convoys-fight with Royal Navy while hunting convoys.

Dimensions: 136 block lenght (oa)
13 blocks wide-beam (oa)
7 blocks draft

Submarines in class: 6

Commissioned: Unknown date

Armament: 8x 533mm torpedo tubes (6 bow , 2 stern)
1x 150mm SK C/28 naval gun
1x 105mm SK C/32 naval gun (deck gun)
3x2 20mm Flakzwilling AA gun

Speed: unknown

Aviation facilites: 1 catapults

Aircraft carried: 4x torpedo or 4x dive bomber floatplanes.

Fictional German Submarine Type XX Unterseflugzeugtragerkreuzer-boot (U.FL.ZG.TR-boot) (1:1) Minecraft Map

Fictional German Submarine Type XX Unterseflugzeugtragerkreuzer-boot (U.FL.ZG.TR-boot) (1:1) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Creditcommenter for renders.
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04/23/2019 1:52 pm
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Perfect as usual -Kamize Pilot
04/14/2019 3:23 pm
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Compani de LIF
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nice submarine 👍
04/14/2019 3:42 pm
Level 39 : Artisan uwu
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I'm sure one of these in the wolfpack would carry fighters , no alarm when its a plane :) But yeah if a RN DD heads to you , you are in a big trouble :)
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