Fictional Imperial Battleship - Andrea Gritti - For NagiFX

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A gift for NagiFX!

AU Profile - The Andrea Gritti-class battleships were built for the imperial fleet by the Most Serene Republic of Venice, which was reincorporated into the Holy Roman Empire during the Italian campaigns of Frederick the Great. Modern vessels, the Andrea Gritti-class battleships were elegant warships which struck a good balance between speed, protection and firepower.

And yes, since this was built for NagiFX, I had to do a shark version of this too XD

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Update #1 : 05/31/2020 12:48:27 pmMay 31st, 2020

Lowered the above water hull by one layer and rebuilt the hull lines to fit; added the ornamentation to the bow; modified the distinguishing markings slightly

01/10/2019 11:56 am
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Lul is good
01/10/2019 11:54 am
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Compani de LIF
wow, i love it, the 2 versions
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