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Find The Button 8

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avatar MarioMario1010
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
NOTE: The current version is demo 0.8a.

The brand new Find The Button Map! This project contains:
- 10 stages!
- Extra AND Phantasm Mode!
(Phantasm Stages can only be unlocked by completing Extra Mode. Don't worry about have to do Extra all over again after you died, it'll set a spawn point after you completed Extra. Not after you won)
- Hints and helpful tips!
- One bonus stage for one extra button in Phantasm.
(Don't worry, bonus stage is easy. It's just another hard stage with more spawn points and almost simplified)
Extra stage info: Less checkpoints, contains harder parkour. Only for experienced players.
Phantasm stage info: Missing alot of checkpoints, contains the hardest parkour. Only for the most experienced players. Contains a button to the bonus.

What this demo currently contains:
- 35% is 5 stages. 80% is all 10 stages. 90% is with Extra Mode. 100% is full version with Extra and Phantasm, and bonus stage.
- Hints and helpful tips.
Download version 0.8a: www.mediafire.com/?9jhw260sj5w6b1t
Download version 0.8b: http://www.mediafire.com/file/143skt4zi69he8q/Find_The_Button.zip
(The download button displayed next to the description contains the latest version of the map)

That's all for now folks!
Keep support me to get the latest demo version! Or even the full version?
7 diamonds will speed up the map making progress by 5% and you will get more demo releases.
ZIP file password: minecraft
The map name could be changed in the final version.

If you found any bugs, tell me in the comment so I can improve it!

Map made by MarioMario1010.
Progress80% complete

2 Update Logs

Version 0.8b : 06/26/2017 11:03:54 amJun 26, 2017

- Added all 10 levels.

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