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FNAF 3 Map + Texture Pack(≥1.9)

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XLegomenon's Avatar XLegomenon
Level 44 : Master Mage
Thank you all who supported me through development of the map. It definitely struck more views than I had ever thought. I have started cracking down on alternate ways to get the game to work with these 3 types of command blocks, and so far it's looking like we're gonna hit home with the ≥1.9 version of the map.

This could take a while to figure out, since I'm no expert in coding in Minecraft and the camera commands are decently long for my taste. The map will be up again when I have finished repairing the camera commands. I've fixed just about everything else, hooray.

ALSO: When this is up, any changes I make to one or the other map will be updated to it's counterpart eventually. Gotta have the same experience for both types. I'll be making update logs until release and also probably after, so you all can get a feel to how close I am to releasing this into the combat update versions.

Who knows, I may just end up deleting the ≤1.8.9 version. I'll do a vote on it some day.

For now... here are some links to previous projects in this genre.

FNAF 3 Map(≤1.8.9)

FNAF 3 Resource Pack

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07/10/2020 2:10 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Ralfroblo's Avatar
good mod
08/06/2016 7:30 pm
Level 44 : Master Mage
XLegomenon's Avatar
I have just figured out how to fix the camera maps. I need to update the texture pack to fit the game as well, unfortunately. But I can still keep it on the same file without duplicating.