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FUSI8N [The Barbarians Are Coming! - Project Contest #12]

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Lindblumen avatar Lindblumen
Level 43 : Master Poro
Concept etc
The true concept was simply to create an in-game take on strategy games. It was really about creating that static look but still trying to display a dynamic take on Minecraft as a creative build. To make it feel more like a game, I made the colors for both teams quite classic with the red and blue, you'll also find health bars to keep the warfare up to date. The whole concept of the map was basically trying to showcase an infiltration from an inquisition that wants to overthrow the blue's base. What the two are fighting for is for the technology of an infinite water pond, which is the main resource for fuel at this level. So I called it FUSI8N, because it's basically a fight for infinite fusion, which the number 8 is representing, or/also known as the infinity symbol ∞.

Starting with the reds, or better explained The Inquisition. They're the enemies, the opposing team, trying to capture the technology of the self spawning water pond. The architecture of the inquisition is very economic, as it appears with a lot of the same shapes all around. I wanted it to make it look like they were running on batteries, massive batteries ready to re-charge at the storage build in the back of their spawn. Because as we already know, the lack of water is the real problem of the battlefield, so saving what you can is key. The inquisition is a small group compared to the other team, but they're a group of believers, and back in history in some regions of the country they were known as barbarians.

Then there is the home team, The Defenders. They were the ones to settle over the infinite water pond, which is labeled with a yellow color - Neutral. Their job is to keep the opposing team away and keep expanding their current supremacy. In quantity they're by miles larger than the inquisition, but little did they take advantage of the yellow hexagons which were set up to give opposing teams a bigger chance to conquer the home team. The map is divided in each team's active turf - what areas they have control under. The yellow hexagons are areas that boost the production of any structure/vehicles, and as we can see most of the yellow hexagons under the control of the defenders are only on their smaller structures, while the inquisition had a greater opportunity to set their base on to a good quantity of boosted hexagons, therefore the opposing team has the better quality.

So the real question is, who do you think will win?

Quantity or quality?
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Massive thank you to both James and Splekh, thank you so much!
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07/23/2016 2:52 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice Explorer
qq1301692703 avatar
Hi Lindblumen! I'm an editor of China.
I've found your new project

FUSI8N [The Barbarians Are Coming! - Project Contest #12]

. It's really a nice job.
Therefore I'm here to ask if I could repost your project to our website
However, due to the fact that our country has blocked a lot of foreign websites.
So could you allow us create a new Chinese downlink.
I will list your name and the original website clearly.
(Diamond for you :D)
07/23/2016 6:25 pm
Level 43 : Master Poro
Lindblumen avatar
Yeah sure
06/09/2016 11:02 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Button Pusher
TCL135 avatar
100th diamond! Amazing, one of my favorite so far!
06/09/2016 12:36 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Prince
fire emblem man yes
fire emblem man yes avatar
don't know if I can contend with this...

anyway good luck.,..

I'm so worried tho.
06/06/2016 12:20 pm
Level 48 : Master Engineer
Laserbilly avatar
That's fantastic, great build. Too bad the contest rules make you include default photos...
06/05/2016 1:45 am
Level 48 : Master Wolf Whisperer
Drayman avatar
I like it but i still feel, despite the concept added it doesn't really fit the theme, really cool map though!
06/04/2016 11:17 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Engineer
shanewolf38 avatar
Wow, super cool! You should really add a more elaborate description, though. It'll boost your chances of winning a lot! :D
06/04/2016 1:23 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Architect
Spidaweb avatar
Wow! Looks AWESOME!
06/04/2016 12:27 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Princess
nymphaela avatar
This is great lind, Good luck ^-^
06/04/2016 7:26 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Narwhal
Daddy_Cage avatar
Nice build, still hoping some of us smaller build teams still have a chance though.
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